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These unique financial education programs will change kids' lives for the better! Make the kids in your life look forward to learning about money with our solutions:

Creative Cash for Kids - Financial Education for Homeschool and Homestudy

Creative Cash for Kids was designed for you, the parent, teacher, or guardian, to be able to teach your kids about money BEFORE they move out and wonder what to do with that green stuffy they're earning. Many parents just don't know or what to teach their kids about money, investing, etc. so we created this simple, easy-to-use program that walks you right through it. Creative Cash for Kids Home Program comes with 1) One Financial Freedom Playbook (student workbook)* 2) One Easy-to-Use Parent/Teacher Guide

Cost: $150.00 PDF Version

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The Money Game Downloadable Version

The Money Game™ Financial Education Game
Imagine a financial education curriculum in the form of a fun, experiential game for kids and teens (and adults since most have never learned this critical life skill) where the players are the pieces. The Money Game™ is our proprietary financial education game where the PLAYERS are the pieces of the game…they get paid, they pay their expenses, they save their money to invest in assets, and then receive passive income for every asset they invest in…and those assets eventually bring them financial freedom!
Players learn that by investing in assets that pay them passive income, they can eventually work because they want to, not because they have to, AND have money left over to do more good in the world. Visit The Money Game™ website for more info.

*PDF version contains the pieces of the game in PDF form. Simply create the pieces, watch the videos, read the easy-to-follow instruction manual, and create financially responsible adults quicker than you can say, “I won the Money Game!

Cost: $179.00 PDF Version

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Camp Millionaire Financial Literacy Curriculum

Camp Millionaire® Financial Literacy Curriculum (Includes our online Teacher Training Program & The Money Game™)
Camp Millionaire® is a game and activity-based financial education curriculum for kids and teens.
Note: We use the same activities for adult programs because if you didn’t learn it as a kid, you still need to learn it as an adult!)
Your students learn how to make, manage, multiply, and donate their money wisely in this entertaining money simulation setting.
The Camp Millionaire® Financial Literacy Curriculum utilizes The Money Game®, our proprietary financial education game where the room is the board, the players are the pieces, and the lessons last a lifetime. The students are the pieces of the game: they work, they get paid, they pay for their expenses, they save their money to buy assets, and then they get passive income for those assets which eventually makes them financially free!
This online program includes:
  • All 20 training videos from our live Train-the-Trainer
  • Camp Millionaire® Coach’s Curriculum Binder
  • Financial Freedom Playbook for Instructor*
  • The Money Game™ Downloadable Version ($179 value)
Ask us about our annual subscription to get additional services:
  • Personal help designing programs when you need it (Priceless!)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Social Media support
  • Marketing Material support
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Private Facebook Community with teachers from all over the world to exchange precious experiences
  • And much more

OBS.: Your access to the program will be for life, once you access it at least one time per calendar year. Otherwise, you will be canceled from the system, and a new purchase will be necessary.

    Cost: Only $855 for the most effective, most entertaining financial education program on the planet.

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    Moving Out for Teens Package

    Welcome to Moving Out! for Teens Package.
    As a parent of a teen, you need to ensure that your teenager is prepared to leave home when they are ready.
    They must learn the information and skills needed to thrive living on their own. After all, all you want is that them to succeed in all aspects of life, including financial stability.
    And if you’re a teacher of teens, you suspect that most teens probably aren’t learning ‘adult’ financial skills at home and want to help prepare them for their all-too-soon adult lives.
    This is why we created Moving Out! for Teens…to help you teach them as much as you can so they at least have a clue about what real life looks like financially.
    There are so many topics taught in our Moving Out program, it’s impossible to list but we’ll try:
    • Personal Responsibility for Life
    • Financial Literacy Basics and then some
    • Renting Apartments and Moving Out
    • Budgeting and Planning
    • Smart Spending
    • Saving for Near and Far
    • Investing in Financial Freedom
    • Insurance, Insurance, Insurance
    • All Things Automobile
    • Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping
    • Attitude and Perception are Everything

    Note: The Moving Out! for Teens Curriculum teaches many of the same financial lessons, as well as The Money Game™ (www.winthemoneygame.com), as our Camp Millionaire® Curriculum with a LOT of additional lessons specifically designed for teens closer to adulthood.
    The Curriculum requires (at this time) that you already have purchased our Camp Millionaire® Online Program so that you know the lessons, and understand how to play The Money Game™. The curriculum - that is not included in Camp Millionaire® - is not in full dialogue format so you will need to know the material to teach the lessons. This has been an easy program to add for coaches who are already experienced with Camp Millionaire®.

    Cost: $455,00

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    Financial Education Accelerated Teaching Videos

    No matter what financial literacy curriculum you use, accelerated teaching techniques will improve it. If you’re looking for a way to keep your students engaged and having fun while they learn the critical financial skills they must know to be financially successful in life, learn these amazing teaching techniques as soon as possible. These videos are part of our Train-the-Trainer workshop for both Camp Millionaire and The Money Game.

    Note: You will receive a login and password and can access it at any time you like for 365 days.

    Cost: $250,00

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