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"Creative Wealth's mission is to develop the abilities people need to achieve a life of financial independence, philanthropy, and gratitude."

By combining relevant, time-tested financial principles with the power of accelerated learning techniques, our solutions have changed the face of financial education for teachers, financial advisors, youth group leaders, and anyone else wanting to teach financial education to kids and teens.

We believe that when you allow yourself to learn something new and think differently about money and wealth and how to create it for yourself, something magical can happen if you wish.

That's why we love the words "Creative Wealth" and hope you do, too!

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Silvia Alambert Hala


Entrepreneur • Writer • Trainer • Coach

Silvia has been part of Creative Wealth™ Intl for over 15 years. She was the first international licensee of the financial literacy programs created by Elisabeth Donati. Silvia started running her own business in Brazil, with a team of financial literacy teachers trained by her to educate kids and teens at schools, volunteer in social projects, and help companies to promote financial wellness for their employees through training and lectures.

Silvia is also a mother of 2 beautiful girls, lecturer, and co-author of the book “Pai, ensinas-me a poupar?” (“Dad, can you teach me about savings?” in free translation) which was launched in Portugal. Due to her impressive background in financial literacy, she gave many interviews on children and youth financial education in various media in Brazil. Silvia was also a columnist for the leading financial news site in Brazil from 2014 to 2023 - Além do Dinheiro - Coluna - InfoMoney.

In 2007, Silvia developed the financial summer camps under a pioneering educational entertainment format and promoted financial literacy among the youngest through “The Money Camp™”. Due to the huge demand, in that same year, she launched the “Training the Trainer” course, a professional development program for teachers who were interested in starting their own business based on The Money Camp™ curriculum and methodology.

Silvia is passionate about education.
After the announcement of Elisabeth Donati’s new life projects back in March 2022, Silvia acquired Creative Wealth™ International based on her belief in the company’s financial literacy programs to inspire people and make them achieve a life full of purpose and possibilities. Silvia is thrilled to continue the important work of Creative Wealth™ Intl, and the legacy of its founder Elisabeth Donati.
Silvia is married, has been living in Miami since 2019, and is ready to strengthen and expand the CWI business worldwide.

Educational Technical Consultants

Sara is an educator with 10+ years of experience in instructional coaching, curriculum building, professional development training, data analytics skills, and developing presentations. She has a BA in Small Business and Marketing from FAU (2005) and a Master of Educational Leadership from Lynn University (2007). Sara is also Certified in Educational Leadership Endorsement, Social Sciences 6-12, and Integrated Curriculum 5-9.Sara is also a Co-Founder of Financial Launchpad, LLC – where she promotes Financial Literacy Summer Programs for Children and Teenagers.

Sarah Riley


André Massaro


André is an instructor and lecturer in Finance, Investments and Economics. He has almost 30 years of professional experience in finances and financial markets, and more than 20 years in financial education, developing and delivering classes and content targeted from the complete beginner to the seasoned finance professional.

The stuff that dreams are made of 

Elisabeth was the founder of Creative Wealth International and the co-creator of Camp Millionaire, The Money Game, and Moving Out! for Teens.
We say co-creator because while the original ideas were hers, the program has been shaped by everyone who has ever used it.
Elisabeth promoted financial literacy for kids, teens, and adults since 2002…ever since she realized that no one taught her about money. 
The idea of teaching kids about money came naturally. She decided to create a financial camp to teach kids and teens (and their parents) all of the financial education information she never learned as a child. She figured the earlier we expose kids to the world of money, the better prepared they’d be to handle it wisely.
After 20 years of dedicated work, Elisabeth decided to pass the baton, and in March 2022, Silvia Alambert Hala, her very first international licensee, who is also passionate about teaching kids and teens (and the parents) about money, finances, and well-being acquired the Company to continue Elisabeth's work and legacy.

Living is the greatest learning and learning through experience makes learning lighter and more meaningful.


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