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Financial Education for Educators, Teachers, Youth Group Leaders

We get lots of calls each week from teachers, principals, curriculum administrators, church group leaders, financial advisors and youth group leaders looking for something different, something effective and something FUN. Let us help...
Since all of our programs use The Money Game as a foundation, we suggest starting here.

All of our programs are taught using Accelerated Learning Techniques, and our Financial Literacy Teacher Training focuses on both HOW we teach as they are about WHAT we teach.
Whether you want to create a weekend or week-long summer camp or use the program over a period of several weeks or months in your school, Camp Millionaire is a great choice.

NOTE: If you purchase The Money Game, a few of the Financial Education Lessons or the Package of lessons, IF you decide you want more and would like the entire Camp Millionaire Curriculum program, we deduct all previous purchases from your Camp Millionaire purchase since everything you would have purchased comes with Camp Millionaire.

The Money Game Affiliate Program

Our Unique and Highly Effective
Financial Literacy Education Curriculums and Resources for School and Camps

Financial Education Activity Lessons - Package of 15 Lessons


Let’s face it…if you want to win the money game, you have to know, and use, the rules. The Money Game is an interactive financial education game where the room is the board, the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime. The Money Game is being used in classrooms, group settings, church groups and homes around the globe to teach kids and teens about money and investing in a whole new way.

The Money Game can be played in as little as three hours but is best taught for at least six hours or more.

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Camp Millionaire Financial Education


If you master The Money Game and you want more amazingly powerful activities for your students, we invite you to consider our larger Camp Millionaire curriculum. Based on our 5-day summer camp, this program teaches everything you’d expect, and quite a few things you wouldn’t, in a complete financial education curriculum!

If you’re looking for the most unique financial literacy education program on the planet, our Camp Millionaire curriculum is your answer. We teach financial education in a completely different way: it’s fun, it’s effective, it’s relevant, and the lessons are immediatly employables: it’s REAL WORLD! Camp Millionaire is great for ages 10 and up.

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Moving Out! for Teens Financial

Education Curriculum

Our teen financial education and life prep program teaches teens everything they need to move out and stay out!

From learning the financial basics they need to thrive as adults to how to rent apartments, create resumes, dress professionally and create budgets, Moving Out! for Teens is just the ticket. Oh…and it’s a blast, too! 

NOTE: Moving Out for Teens requires that you already own our Camp Millionaire program.

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Accelerated Learning Techniques for

Financial Education

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who have tried other programs first is that ‘they are sooooo boring’ and how their students were so bored. You would be, too, if you had to sit and listen to a teacher talk about a financial concept or habit and then have to fill out a worksheet. Humans don’t learn very well this way.

Why? Because most of us aren’t auditory learners! We’re generally a combination of visual and kinesthetic learnings with some auditory thrown in. Bottom line is that we rarely learn when, 1) we’re bored and 2) we don’t find the inforamation relevant.

Introducing Accelerated Learning for Financial Education. These teaching techniques will make any financial program better!

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Promote Camp Millionaire, The Money Game or Moving Out! for Teens in Your Community

Obviously, we can’t offer our programs in every location in the US without YOUR help! Please consider either learning how to use our programs by becoming a Creative Wealth Coach and licensing Camp Millionaire, learning how to teach The Money Game (no license required) or simply promoting a program in your area and hiring one of our trained coaches to come to your area to teach financial education to the kids and teens you love. Note: we are available to teach adult/child program combinations as well.

“If you can’t afford it in cash, you can’t afford it at all.”

Living is the greatest learning and learning through experience makes learning lighter and more meaningful.


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