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Don't let kids learn 
about money the hard way.

Where did YOU learn about money? At home? In school? Most of us learned about money the hard way (and we are still learning!), and we want to change this with our innovative financial wealth curriculum for parents and educators.

About us

Our Curriculums

How you teach is as important as what you teach.

All of our programs are taught using Accelerated Learning Techniques, a multi sensorial teaching method designed to engage, and entertain the participants in the learning process.

That means we teach...


That way, everyone in the room learns,
regardless of their learning style

So, if teaching kids and teens how to make, manage and multiply their money sounds like something you’d be passionate about, we’d love to have you on the team!

What are you looking for?

Our financial literacy programs have benefited hundreds of thousands of children, teens, and their families throughout the USA and around the world.

I'm a Parent
who wants to teach my kids about money at home or looking for a summer financial camp.
Discover how we will help
I'm an Educator
looking for a fun and effective way to teach a group of kids about money and investing.
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How do we 
make it fun?

All our financial literacy programs are activity-based and use our proprietary financial education game called "The Money Game," a revolutionary new financial literacy game that's changing how people learn about money.

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Our best-sellers

We offer highly effective, interactive financial literacy curriculums, money games, other unique financial education resources for educators, and financial literacy education solutions for parents to teach kids about money at home.

Experiential game and activity-based financial education curriculum for kids and teens.
Includings The Money Game.

Ages: 10 and up

Perfect for school, homeschool, summer camp and other group programs.

The revolutionary financial education game where the room is the board, the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime!

Experiential game and activity-based financial education curriculum for teens.

Ages: 14 and up

Perfect for school, homeschool, summer camp and group programs.

Living is the greatest learning and learning through experience makes learning lighter and more meaningful.


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