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International Licensing

Creative Wealth Takes Financial Education Camps and Curriculums International

One of our goals at Creative Wealth International is to have our unique financial literacy programs in every city and country in the world. We are definitely on our way but it’s going to take a whole heck of a lot more passionate people to make sure that the earth’s children know how to support themselves when they get to be adults.

Financial Literacy 
Education Licensing Basics:

If you’re in the United States, you have two options:


If you’re interested in a non-exclusive arrangement where anyone can purchase and teach the program, simply invest in the Camp Millionaire Online Program or The Money Game, learn how to teach the program and go out there and get ‘er done as the saying goes


If you have a bigger dream to build out an entire area, (city, county, state) and you want an exclusive license, please contact us to share your dream and vision and we’ll go from there. Each area is licensed individually. We’re just starting down that path for domestic licensing but are open to your dreams of creating a large area of financially literate kids!

If you are interested in International options and in obtaining the licensing rights for your country and being a licensed Creative Wealth Coach, please send us an email with the following information:

Your contact information
The country you wish to license
Your unique qualifications, i.e., why you?
Your timeline, ideas, plans, visions and dreams for your country
We’ll then send you a detailed email on how you’ll go about licensing your area and we’ll proceed from there. Not every country is ready for financial education…is yours?

We’d love to help you change your part of the globe so adults don’t struggle financially so much anymore. We have visions of a world where money doesn’t cause all of the issues it causes today. Let’s work together to affect change in your country!

Please contact Creative Wealth
Headquarters with any questions!

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