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F.A.Q Licensing

Creative Wealth Camp Millionaire/Money Game International Licensing F.A.Q.

In order to license our program in your country, you must do the following:

1. Contact us regarding your desire to license us. Feel free to email us at info @ creativewealthintl.org or give us a call 805-957-1024.

2. We will meet over Skype to say hello, answer any initial questions, etc.

3. We send you our international licensing agreement to review that will contain the master licensing fee and royalties for your country.

4. If you approve the agreement, you then submit a business plan showing your plans, marketing, funding, competition, etc. We need to know that you’ve thought it out, have the funding to pull it off and the expertise to get it done.

5. Upon approval of the business plan, we draw up the agreement, sign and funds are wired.

6. If there is a live Train-the-Trainer within a reasonable timeframe, you will come over to the United States and attend the training and learn the entire program, spend time with us, etc. If there is not a Train-the-Trainer in the near future, we send you everything you need to train yourself and get started until such time as you can get to a training.

7. All of the training materials and course materials are then transferred to you via Dropbox and email.

Yes, it is.

Yes. You need to understand your market so you can charge accordingly. Some of the people/companies/organizations that license our programs do so as strictly for profit and others nonprofit.

Royalties are paid quarterly as a % of gross revenues from all Creative Wealth programs you host/provide in your country.

You can offer any length program you wish for any age you wish as often as you wish.

We expect you to use the program to empower people to be responsible for themselves and their families. As long as you are offering the programs and people are attending them, we think that’s a good thing.

The Money Game® is a financial education game used primarily by educators (schools, youth groups, church groups, etc.) to teach groups of kids and teen about money and investing. We have had many parents and grandparents purchase the game, however, and use it with their kids. The Money Game isn’t a game students play by themselves nor is it a board game.

Yes, this is called Sub-licensing.

Yes, you may. However, if you’re doing the program in English and we have a Train-the-Trainer program in the near future, it’s best to encourage your sublicensees to attend the program in the US. If there isn’t, you are free to train them using our Home-study Train-the-Trainer DVDs.

You must teach at least 100 students within the first two years of the license.

Then we regroup…

If you have more questions, call us or send us an email using the Contact link on the top bar.

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