Testimonials from Camp Millionaire, Moving Out for Teens and The Money Game

We have hundreds of amazing testimonials from 2002 until present. Here’s a fun video that captures what the kids have to say right after one of our programs…

NOTE: our original camps were called The Money Camp for Kids

You would have been proud of James this week. His two girl cousins, 15 and
13 were visiting us from LA and he used his money jars to educate them. He
gave them “Moolah” when they answered correctly and even tested them at
the end of the week. So you should feel proud that your seeds are taking
hold and growing. Thanks again for a wonderful week. ~ Alison Richards
(James Dreben’s mom

Hello Elizabeth:
I attended the Money Camp for gals a year ago and it has help me very much and also my teenage daughter attended last sumer.
Thank you for your time.

~ Norma Negrete Lefemine

One of my friends went to Ghana for a year to study art abroad and she met this amazing 12 year old boy who turned out to be an incredible artist and she kind of took him under her wing that year and encouraged him not only to continue making art but to apply to top-notch art schools as well. Well, he did and he got in to one of the best art schools in Ghana. The only problem was that he couldn’t make it financially. Get this–it costs $600 to go. For a year. Tuition, room and board. So my friend called on all of her friends to help raise the money for this boy to go. People opened their hearts and their wallets as much as any college student could–$10 here, $20 there. A Ghanian woman who spent time with my friend and this little boy said she could give $150 if my friend could help come up with the rest. Now, if tuition at a top art school is $600, this $150 in Ghana is like a year of her life.

I hadn’t spent my donation jar money yet and I was able to donate $100 to help send this boy to school. As soon as I called my friend and told her I could, she told me she just got off the phone with someone who was going to give $150 and a few hours later, I found out one of her friends was able to give $245. When it rains, it pours. This 12-year-old artist is going to the best art school in Ghana this coming year.

During the school year, I’m also a CyberTutor–I tutor high school kids online–and today I just found out that we got a 50% raise. This PROVES that when you give, you get back ten-fold.
Donation jars rule. Miss you all:)
~ Pam.

Hi Elisabeth. I am still on a high; from your 4 day intensive. You are amazing, Pamela is fantastic and it was good to meet Jason and see Anissa (spelling?) again.

The content was awesome, challenging and full of segments to grow
my beliefs and attitudes. I found myself ‘moving’ so many things this morning! I moved my son from his bed….ultimately into my car….and off to school; mail reviewed and moved to its’ respective places, etc.

But most of all, I’m smiling from ear to ear….reflecting on the new bonds I’ve made and new things to practice for Money Camp and in my life personally.
Thanks again for everything”

“The experience I had at your Teacher Training was simply fabulous. I never thought that such a wonderful program existed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am so excited about sharing what I learned with others. My prayer is that as a money coach, I will change the way consumers view money one person at a time. I look forward to years and years of networking and learning with you.”

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience! The experience has changed my teaching forever. I have tried many techniques from Quantum Teaching and it has been spectacular. Also, I have started giving out Moola instead of stickers and have started talking about money with my class. ~ Jody, Train-the-Trainer 2006

2012 Camp Millionaire Weekend Event

This camp meets and exceeds standards shown. While being interactive when teaching about money (no easy job), it provided an enjoyable time for everyone. It is incredible how supportive the councilors were to every individual camper and encouraging all to learn this important information. Since the “Money Game” involved realistic investing choice, it helped everyone commit to the camp, making it fun for evreyone.” ~ Ryan M.
It was very fun and relaxed. I had a great time. I learned very much about money and I will pay myself first. I liked the snacks.” ~ Dylan V.<

In liked the Money Game a lot. It taught me how to divide my money. It also taught me about assets.” ~ Juliana S.

“The camp was awesome. You guys were funny. Taught me stuff I didn’t have a clue about. I learned how to Pay Myself First, assets, the Money Jars wich is a money system, the difference between rich and poor and we played some games. CAMP MILLIONAIRE ROCKS!” ~ Ari B.

“I loved the camp. I knew a few things about our state’s economy but coming her game me the opportunity to learn something great, and maybe even be a millionaire some day:-). I hope I keep learning more over the years and as I get older and live by myself and have my own car…etc., but most of all, I hope that more kids/children/teens get the same opportunity to come to this camp and learn the things I learned or more.” ~ Nitza G.

“I love the concept of learning about money through The Money Game. I hope that more people take advantage of this awesome camp! 🙂 (heart).” ~ Sahrang H.

“I really liked the camp, especially The Money Game. I liked how we got fake money and pretended it was real. I learned a lot. I recommend this camp for everyone. thanks for an awesome 2 days! Also, this camp got me more interested in finance. Thanks again.” ~ Ally M.

“I enjoyed my time at Camp Millionaire. Thank you fro dong this for people because it is very important to learn about money at a young age. I am excited to come back next year.” ~ Arman B.

“Thank you for letting me come to the camp. I learned about investing assets and to pay myself first. Camp was fun.” ~ Michael

“I loved The Money Game! I thought that was a great way to teach the concept of assets. Great camp.” ~ Jackson E.

Awesome. Needs to be a few days longer.” ~ Jack

“It was a blast. I learned a lot. Thanks you guys for teaching it.” ~ Garrett D.

2012 Camp Millionaire Weekend Event

Patrick had a great time. He was beginning to think about and ask questions about money. This camp came at the perfect time. We look forward to him putting what he’s learned at Camp Millionaire into practice. Thanks for a great, informative weekend.
Katherine Leppaluoto, mother

Rayanna and Joel came home having learned a lot from one day of camp. They thought the day was going to be boring with speakers all day, but were surprised to learn all day by doing fun activities.
Angelica Cortes, mother

I was pleased and surprised at the way the kids’ energy level stayed so high! They were exposed to a ton of information but it didn’t overwhelm them!
Dirk Brandts, father of Decker

I loved Camp Millionaire! I enjoyed how you made the camp fun. It made me want to come back the next day! I also love how the instructors were so supportive and kind to us. I feel like I learned lots of important skills to use for life!
Amanda, 11

This program has taught me the value of a dollar. I learned to put your time and energy to make some money, to get a paycheck, and then pay yourself first, then pay your expenses, and then to invest in an asset to receive your passive income!!!
Zoe C., 11

I enjoyed this camp a lot and ma grateful that you taught me how to be successful! Thanks!
Zad, 13 (brother of Zoe)

I like this camp because it showed me to use money wisely. It taught what passive income is. Told what you need to do to succeed!
Joel, 13

This has been a chance that I will never regret. The morning about stocks had to be my favorite. Even the dorkiness all of you had. I enjoyed having different ethnicities in this program. Thanks so much!
Zoe L., 13

I like everything! This was the best camp ever!
Simon, 11

This camp was fun. Before I went to this camp, I was buying so much stuff that I didn’t need. Now, I’m going to think it all the way through. I want to come here for summer camp!
Devon, 12

I like the enthusiasm and meeting new kids and getting out of the house… the view… the cabin leaders.
Michael, 11

I loved that I could be myself, aka, always talk at a LEVEL 10 VOICE! I loved how I learned about money and it was insanely fun. I wish the friends I told to come would have come. They missed out. I am so glad I came to Camp Millionaire!
Emily, 12

I learned how to win the money game. I enjoyed this camp!
Rayanna, 13

I have learned to beat the money game.
Kaleb, 12

A really cool camp. I learned a lot and had tons of fun. U guys r awesome!!
Judy, 12 and 10/12

The few things I learned is to always pay myself first.
Patrick, 12

I liked to meet all you awesome teachers! I liked to learn how to handle and how to spend money! I hope to come back again.
Michelle, 13

I liked it! Awesome! It rules! I learned a lot. Like pay yourself first.
Delmar, 11

It was a great camp and I will love to come back.
William, 10

I loved the money game and I think there should be more rounds.
Solomon, 10

It was the best camp I’ve ever been to! Seriously! I hope to come to this camp another time and I will recommend it to my friends. I loved it.
Decker, 11½

2012 Train the Trainer

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Elisabeth and Jan who gave me the chance to come and join an awesome training which I’ve never had. I’ve joined many training courses but I have never experienced like the way you’ve done fro the program. This program is my dream as I want to do something special for my daughter. She is my wealth. I’ve known that this program was created for me to guide her on her long journey and because of her I want to share with others in Vietnam too.

Thank you, Elisabeth and Darren, for the amazing 5 days training. The 5 days program has gone fast but I have grown up and am more confident only 5 days working with you.

I’ve a bit worry because I don’t know whether I can understand all the stuff and my worry now is gone. You’ve given me my strength, my power to do whatever it takes.

I know that if life is an adventure; let passion be my guide. PASSION brings me to you and passion will bring me success.

It’s the first time I write a long letter in English. Sorry if I use some words not correct. But never mind, practice makes perfect. I will always remember you. (heart) (heart) in my heart. Love, Diem
~ Diem Hoang Mong, Vietnam

The CWI Train the Trainer camp has been one of the more powerful experiences of my life. It has given me the encouragement and determination to transform not only my life, but the lives of others.

I look forward to continuing the friendships and bonds established during the past week. This has been an incredible journey and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to impact the lives of our youth through financial literacy education.

Thank you, Elisabeth, for all you have done, and will continue to do.
~ Ruby M. Turner

The material presented was gigantic, the games and exercises were fun, and the experience was priceless. Thank you both, Elisabeth and Darren, for a job well done. PS Darren, you were heck ah funny!
~ Katrina Vizinau

It was amazing! Not I’ve just only learned about teaching but about learning. In many ways, just being here change a lot of who I am and what I think and also about who I want to become.

It was a lot of information but at the same time it wasn’t much. Everything was very enjoyable and you always managed to keep our energy up.

It’s good to see how this topics (life and money) work the same way for us, even the cultural differences. We all want to make the best of our lives and our money.

Being a kid and having fun every time is definitely the best way to go through life… staying curious all the time and wondering why is actually one of the most powerful strategies to keep you doing what you do and keep you wanting to do it better and bigger.
~ M. Lili Cavanzo O., Columbia

Creative Wealth International was life changing. The heart of the training was the connection from old myths, habits, or beliefs to the expansion of rightful thinking. It took the limits off my mindset and allowed me to tap beyond my preconceived stereotypes and mindsets. The training and materials can be used for all ages, both young and old. Darren was hilarious and provided a great free-flowing energy that naturally kept us engaged. The joint teaching connection was helpful and kept well-rounded, yet balanced approach from two perspectives, that were both right! Elisabeth has great teaching skills.
Thank you 4 this opportunity.
~ Kimberly Muktarian

Thank you for this Train the Trainer 5 days. I had enjoy it very much. What I learned from this training: I have to be beyond myself to be teaching the kids. I have to be well prepared. In this training, everything has been very good, make it easy for us to understand the concept.
~ Ernie Bursa, Indonesia

Thank you very much, Elisabeth, Darren, and Jan about the awesome program I have every taken. It’s not only change my view point about finance management, but also help me to know myself better and help me to get a clear way on how to get financial freedom, how to “spark” the fire on people.
~ Nguyen Tri Nhan, Vietnam

The Train the Trainer program is a fantastic, eye-opening experience. I look forward to working with Jan, Elisabeth, and Darren in the future. Thank you so much for everything. I have learned more and grown more than I could ever have imagined.
~ Tracy Tanner

The amount of information presented was overwhelming. The quality of the content and the apparent effectiveness of the techniques used to present it was outstanding. I found it hard to digest the volume of information in such a short time. Nevertheless, everything was there and could be utilized a-la-carte as desired.
Thank you for your hard work!
~ Bill Burroughs

This is an excellent program for all! It spoke to me as an individual, a parent, a member of my community, as well as in the business setting. I applaud Elisabeth for seeing a need and pursuing this path! I especially enjoyed the dynamic presentation and activities that Darren and Elisabeth taught us. I can’t wait to share all that I have learned with others.
~ Melissa Farnham

Fantastic ~ of course! Nothing seemed redundant. Still fresh. Love Darren. He added a lot. It was a different experience with two trainers. I did miss the other personal growth pieces. I understand having to eliminate the late nights but I think the costume party should be included somehow. Also, I know there is no time for dream boards but it is very powerful for the kids. Maybe you could just include an overview and tell the story of your friend with the white house! I hope I can send more of my co-workers here! Thanks Elisabeth!
~ Emily Cameron

It has been a wonderful 5 days experience, learning about the Camp Millionaire programs. It have open up our minds to a total different concept of training ~ training kids from 10-17 years old. As we get to understand the essence of the CM program, we begin to realize its importance and its contribution to the next generation. The foundation of a good home begins with a strong financial understanding. Meeting other trainers also open up a whole new perspective about Camp Millionaire training. Not only is this training for the middle income children but it is as important too to the lower income children.
~ Desmond Tan Kok Tat, Indonesia

2011 Orfalea REACH program

I really like that the teacher was honest and she told us her experience with assets and how to wisely invest. I liked the skills at the end to be successful and the money definitions of success. I feel I’m walking away with a lot more than I came in with and the motivation to better my money managing skills.
Stephanie, 20

I really liked the way your presentation kept us awake and focused and the way you helped us through the money game. Just how they presented themselves as people. They were kind, funny, and informative. I just liked the entire thing. I learned everything I needed to know. It feels like I walked out with more knowledge and understanding.
Branden, 17

What I really like about this program was everything because I actually learned a lot about how to save, how to manage my money, and how I should spend it wisely. Another thing that I learned was what are some good ways to earn more money coming in than going out. This program was really helpful.
Zenen, 20

I really like that it was really hands on and I got a lot of information out of it. I would like more information on things such as credit cards and debt. I learned a lot from the money game. Jan and Elisabeth were really cool.
Victoria, 18

I enjoyed the lessons very much and I found it very useful. I enjoyed the detailed information on budget and how to distribute your income on a monthly basis. I would like to dive a little bit more into taxes. Overall, the workshop was very informative.
Alex, 18

I like the enthusiasm and the fact that you truly seemed to care about us learning for our own benefit. I learned to see money as a future tool and not just numbers.
Samantha, 20

I have learned much about passive income, assets, financial advising, etc. Coming to this financial workshop I’ve learned much about money. I’ve learned things that I didn’t know. The more I learn about money, the more things I would like to know! Make money your best friend ~ the most important thing I learned. I would like to know more about the stock market. I really liked this financial workshop and getting young people involved.
Ana, 18

After being in this presentation, I can say that I have gained the knowledge I need to know how to manage my money. Later on in life, I cannot say “I didn’t know”. I am grateful to have been here today. I learned the difference between earning and making money. I am excited to go back home and talk to my parents about what I learned. It is frustrating to always hear them comment on how they live check to check and never have enough. If only they had had a presentation like this they would not face that problem. I hope to avoid that with what I learned today. Thank you!!
Maria, 18

I’m very glad I came. I feel that I’ve learned many valuable things that will make a difference in my future life. This was the perfect time for me to receive all this information since I’m graduating this year and I will be making big decisions. I’m very thankful for your information. It was extremely helpful. I really liked the fact that it was interactive and the energy of the instructors.
Rocio, 21

“The Money Game was fun and practical and I know I’ll be able to use most, if not all of the information given by you for years to come, which is a high compliment since I know I can barely recall what I did in most of my classes a week later.”
Tommy, High School Senior

“Thank you for spending your time and energy on us. This monkey will never be in the middle because of your program.”
Trevor, High School Senior

“You are the first teacher to give me the tools to break free from the conditioning that is imposed on us everyday to be slaves to our government’s economy and employer’s money generators. …I will try in my life to be financially free while concentrating on my life not the size of my bank account. I’d be happy with a good equilibrium and I think you showed me that.”
Valentin, High School Senior

“You made learning fun and educational. We didn’t take notes to learn and remember, we were in action every second. Whether we were repeating what you were saying, paying ourselves first, then paying our expenses, and getting our passive income, I will always remember the things and lessons we learned.”
Justine, High School Senior

Train-the-Trainer/Teacher Training

“…Be prepared ~ this course is not all just about financial literacy. This course if about Life! An amazing experience recommended to be taken by everyone. Thank you, Elisabeth. I have been truly blessed and empowered by you!”
Lisa, Train the Trainer Graduate

“…I am no longer the confused, non-motivated person with no direction. This has been exciting and the best thing I ever did for myself. I now have a goal and am focused on the best project of my life.”
Joe Ann, Train the Trainer Graduate

“…This week I got so much more than I could have ever anticipated…The one thing I know for sure is that I am a better person because of this training course.”
Cathrine, Train the Trainer Graduate

“…Being wealthy begins with a state of mind and is, in fact, a state of mind. It taught me the importance of using the energy of money ~ a very powerful concept.”
Elizabeth, Train the Trainer Graduate

“If you want to make a profound difference in your life and the lives of others… If you are passionate about being at the forefront of creating generational wealth then run, don’t walk, to the Creative Wealth and Camp Millionaire programs…”
Lisa-Rene, Train the Trainer Graduate

“Hands down, one of the most comprehensive, thorough, and unique training programs I have ever participated in.”
David, Train the Trainer Graduate

“I liked it quite a lot and it was fun most of the time. I now know things that my mom doesn’t know. Thank You.”
Alex, 12

“My son was completely NOT interested in participation in this camp, but even after the first day he was excited about the possibilities and potential of earning money! Thanks!”
Patrick, parent

“The most valuable thing I learned at Camp Millionaire is that becoming financially independent is your choice, not a dream.”
Julie, 11

“…For so many parents, they view the time when their teenager gets her/his driver’s license as a rite of passage into her/his independence.  Truly, as important as driver’s education is to their child’s independence, so is proper money management.  I think Camp Millionaire is a must.
Phoebe, parent

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience you gave to my kids. They learned a ton, and got my husband and I to reevaluate the way we handle some of our own finances. Our kids didn’t want to admit that they really did enjoy this class. I have never seen them so interested in how to save money. Wow, what a concept!!!! Thank you.”
Deanna, parent

“I must admit I was floored when I found out what a profound impact Camp Millionaire had on my two sons. After putting clothes away the other day, I discovered that my 12 year old had several small Ziplock bags stashed away in his top dresser drawer. They were each labeled with a sharpie with percentage amounts of how much money to put away ~ each bag containing several dollar bills and coins inside. One was marked “Education”, the second for “Savings”, and the third labeled “Financial Freedom Account”. At that moment, I couldn’t have been more proud! Of course, not to be outdone…my 10 year old wanted to pull out all his savings from his current bank and open up a savings account at another because the interest rate was much higher than what he was currently getting. (Boy…go figure!) Camp Millionaire was definitely one of the best things we ever did for our children.”
Lisa, parent

“You would have been proud of our son this week. His two girl cousins, 15 and 13 were visiting us from LA and he used his money jars to educate them. He gave them moolah when they answered correctly and even tested them at the end of the week. So you should feel proud that your seeds are taking hold and growing. Thanks again for a wonderful week.”
Alison, parent

2011 Camp Millionaire Weekend Event

After Hudson attended Camp Millionaire, we believe he has now been equipped with the tools that can give him the confidence to ask questions regarding money and how it works.
AJ & Kate Bos, Parents

Brian said it was fun and he is going to save his money and spend it wisely. He was surprised to learn that you should always “pay yourself first”. He likes that idea!
Celene Borgatello, Parent

After picking up my kids from day one of this two-day awesome camp, they began to tell me their versions of what was taught and what they got out of it. So, I asked child one: If I gave you $5.00, what would you do with it now, after taking this class and what would you have done with it before (the class)? He said he would save it instead of going to the store and spending it. My second child said she would definitely save it because, in her class today, she lost all of her money buying clothes (piddlyjunk!). My third said he would get six jars and only spend the play jar. After speaking with my kids, I learned something valuable as well. I did not know the savings jar is different from the freedom jar! Thanks Camp Millionaire!
Rochelle Johnson, Parent of Three campers!

This is a good program for children to learn about how money works and how to invest and spend.
Graciela Munoz

2011 Camp Millionaire Weekend Event

Camp Millionaire was such an amazing program. I have NEVER EVER experienced a camp that was so interactive and yet, educational, at the same time. I loved everything, and Camp Millionaire and The Money Game are examples of what people will financially face in reality. And helping kids will benefit them in the future.
Kimberly, 14

The camp was very beneficial and I feel more safe since I know how to manage money. Overall, I was pretty happy to attend this camp. This information will help me throughout life. Thank you!!
Kayla, 13

It was fun. You don’t have to change anything. It was very helpful too.
Destiny, 13

This camp was a great fun camp. I think it is a great way to help kids learn the ways of money so they can prepare for the future. My favorite thing was The Money Game. It is a great way to help people to prepare for their careers. I like the way you taught us about the 3 Pillars of Wealth as ways to invest your money. I had a lot of fun and this was a great experience.
Shawn, 11

I enjoyed Camp Millionaire and all the activities at the camp. I wish that they had more variety of snacks though. The lessons taught were important and great advice. I think that I can manage money much better now.
Everett, 13

Chloe, 10

Our daughter really enjoyed the class. You guys did a great job. She was asking all sorts of financial questions after class and during dinner. Her wheels were definitely spinning. For that, I want to thank everyone at Camp Millionaire for exposing her to The Money Game!
Emily, Chloe’s mom

I loved Camp Millionaire. I liked learning about money. I liked The Money Game. The camp was fun.
Michael, 10

I think the camp was great! Don’t change a thing!
Ryan, 12

I really liked playing all of the games that we played. But I really enjoyed the work and the camp and I hope to come here again soon.
Nikki, 10½

Dear Camp Millionaire,
I had so much fun here. I am going home today and I will start saving up.
Thank you a lot.
Micaela, 10

I’ve been waiting for my daughter to turn 10 so she could attend this camp. Every child needs to learn this stuff. Camp Millionaire makes it fun. We’ll be back next summer with friends! Thanks a bunch!
Christine, Parent

Exposure to financial planning is very important for children to learn early in life. This foundation is invaluable. Camp Millionaire has given easy-to-understand principles that stick with the children. The kids had fun and could explain by the end of this 2-day camp: investing, assets, liabilities, and interest topics. Thank you for this gift of the choice of financial freedom!
Lisa, Aunt of 3 campers

Managing money is a life-long skill and it’s better to learn it at the early age. We’re glad Camp Millionaire can provide all these basic money managing skills at one time.
Joyce, Parent

This program definitely educates our new generation of children. I would most definitely recommend this program to other children. My daughters have learned so much with this program and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your dedication and time to teach my daughter and other kids about The Money Game.
Guadalupe, Parent

I really wish this was available when I was growing up. Our education system should implement this course in our kids education.
Emily, Parent

Our son has attended Camp Millionaire before. He remembers the terms and his money management skills are excellent. With an allowance of $7-10 a week, he has a stash of $600-700. He buys things he really wants, but he still continues to accumulate loot. I think this camp is a big part of his money management skills. Thank you!
Robert, Parent

I’m glad the kids were exposed to the seed of financial education at an early age. This should be taught through high school and college.
Michael, parent
Camp Millionaire provided my son with the foundation for understanding how to effectively use money as a tool to achieve his drams. The camp exposed him to a range of financial choices that will enable him to achieve his goals as he matures to adulthood.
Mark, Parent

We feel really fortunate to have Camp Millionaire close enough to us so our son could attend. The financial education is top notch. We’ll be back next year!
Mary (Mark’s wife!)

I’ve been going to this camp for four years and I love it! It is said “Repetition is the mother of retention” and that applies to this camp in the way the instructors say it first and then have us say it. It helps it sink in. The instructors are helpful because they have learned the hard way in the real world.
Richard, 14

2015 Santa Barbara Work Force Development

I would like to recommend this program because you learn a lot of things that you may not know. This program is so much fun and a great opportunity to learn how to save money for the rest of your life.
Cecilia Hernandez, Santa Maria, 4/25/15, Allan Hancock College

I have enjoyed my day and am going to take what I have learned today and use it in my daily life.
Cristal Robles, Santa Maria, 4/25/15, SMHS

I enjoyed the entire presentation. It really gave me a different perspective on finances. I liked the 80 year old man exercise because it gives you the chance to really think ahead about how you are going to support yourself in the future.
Dante Gamble, Santa Maria, 4/25/15, A Youth Workforce

I would recommend this program to people because it’s a great learning experience and it was super enjoyable. It is easy to understand and not boring and it is very helpful when it comes to planning your financial future.
Laura Elena Enciso, Santa Maria, 4/25/15, Allan Hancock College

2015 Camp Millionaire

It was great. Thank you for teaching us all this new stuff.” Andrew, age 17.

“The class was a lot of fun and very interesting. It made learning about the value of money and how it applies to everything in life very educational and more understandable for people my age.” Octavia, age 17.

“This class was great and Elisabeth, the instructor, was amazing and information. This class should be taught everywhere!” Nanci, age 19.

“It was an overall great and fun class. I would definitely recommend it to other students wanting to learn about financial literacy.” Kaila, age 18

“It was an 8 hour class but every single second was worth it because I learned so much in this workshop.” Antonio, age 18.

2015 Santa Barbara Work Force Development Testimonials

“Elisabeth the workshop was totally worth my time and energy. Now I know to pay myself first. And you did give me a refresher on reconciling my checking account. I hope to see you again. Thank you!” Adam Castillo

“I really liked everything I learned. I believe it’s all very vital information that should be taught at school. And now I know more than I did, which will be very helpful in my life.”
Nayely Villalabos.

“Very great presentation. Would have been better if the information was divided throughout different days because it was a lot of new information. Thank you!”
Cierra Delgado

“I feel like I am incredibly more equipped to take on the financial realities of the world and ways to become financially free. It was a truly interactive and interesting seminar.” Daniela Villa.

“I learned a lot today about credit cards and how to save money for the future.” Rubi Medina.

“This program and the Money Game is a good way to learn to save money and be independent.” Cecilia Hernandez

“Thank you! Before this class I didn’t know how to manage money but now I have gained some skills to make it grow. I can do it.” Saul Veksaver

“I enjoyed refreshing my memory about the information I learned when I took the course the first time. Now I am more aware of what I actually learned.” Laura Elena Enuido

“It probably would be good to spread out the workshop over two days. I enjoyed it and it will be very helpful to my college life.” Carla Zamora

2015 Camp Millionaire and Moving Out for Teens

The kids learned new tools in a fun and creative way. Our kids have been dropping financial principals into our family conversations and sharking tid-bits of information they leered at camp, “Mom, Dad, did you know that…” I can’t help but wonder where I might be if I had attended a Camp Millionaire when I was their age. –Arielle

Ditto, all the above! Thank you for starting our kids off to financial freedom. Ian was overjoyed that he won the money game! Our job is going to be continuing what we’ve learned this week and to prepare to see you next year. Please let Taylor know that she earned a friend in our Abigail… Oh Dad,,, Taylor this… Taylor that… Awesome young lady, that Taylor, Thanks!
P.S. Very excited about your future plans with the men’s/women’s and the “Pillar” trainings. Hope we can make it to them -Dan

Learning about credit cards was a great part for me. –Aiden (age 11)
Great camp! -Rex Raclord (age 12)

Excellent information and resources. Good mix of learning and activity. Talented presenters and caring volunteers. Some take home assignments were a bit problematic for out-of-towners. Maybe announce ahead to bring items from home or allow parents to procure during he day. Thanks for a wonderful and useful week! –David Baker

I think that the best thing my boys have learned is to pay themselves first. They are thinking about saving and beginning to invest. They have a clear importance about money. The camp is well balanced and my kids came home energized and willing to share what they had seen throughout the day! Thank you; you bring money to the kids’ level. “Money is a tool to achieve goals”. –Janina Dunn

Camp Millionaire game me an amazing, revolutionary and life changing experience. I will carry the information I learned with me for the rest of my life. I learned so much from the amazing and fascinating teachers and staff. I will remember the teachers for all my life. I hope to come back to this camp next year! -Sofia Schuster (age 11)

Elisabeth and Darren, Thank you so much for providing this camp! I hope you will present again next year. Many camps that I go to that are supposed to teach you something, I take very little away with me, but your camp is awesome in the way you hav us relate to the subject material with games. My only suggestion is that you dismiss us by group. Thank you so much! –Ceilidh Birkhahn (age 14)

I really liked learning about credit cards, and all the games we played, I really think it will help me in life. –Abigail (age 11)

I liked coming to this camp because I got to learn many things even adults don’t know. Such as investing, saving the jars and visualizing what I will do. It was a caring environment set perfectly for our age. In general, I had a fun experience at Camp Millionaire. –Marcus Lafrance (age 14)

I’ve learned so much, savings Jars-credit/debit cards. This camp has helped me now and will help me in the future. This camp is fun and helps I think everyone should go to Camp Millionaire. –Kate Scherz (age 10)

I kinda liked this camp because I learned a lot about money. –Emmy Peraz (age 11)

Play more games! –Jada Tubbs (age 11)

I really love this camp because it teaches you skills that you can use to make money.
–Tanner (age 10)

I enjoyed everything, one thing I am suggesting is noting somewhere about dressing for occupation day. Dream board, (etc.) so for people who don’t live here know what to bring!!! –Tom Baker (age 11)

I like that instead of sit sitting in desks and doing worksheets, you get to interact and play fun games, and the teaching style is great. Also, the repetition with the posters are very useful and help me remember them. I really think that this was a great learning experience! –Carlyann Ballesteros (age 13)

I liked learning about money. The Money Game was my favorite part. =b –Marlo Tubbs (age 11)

I love how easy you make learning the basics of money. –Dan Mcphee (age 11)

Awesome! Slightly goofy, fun, interesting, and helpful. –Logan (age 11)

I didn’t really like. I don’t think I’m going to use this when I grow up and I will use what I learned in high school. And yeah. –Nikki Porcella (age 13)

I think it was fun learning all the different ways of using money, and it was super fun. –Alexa Rodriguez (age 12)

I loved learning how o manage my money! –Elan

I like this camp because it is not ust talking about money all day, we play games and have fun as well! –Ethan Bresk (age 12)

I’ve learned so much about money for my age with fun instructors. I look foreword to watching this program and hopefully my money grow. –Bill Baker (age 11)

I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know and I learned it in the best way possible! –Ian Yarbrough (age 13)
I learned a lot about this and I am sure it will help me in life! Thank you so much! –Marc McClure (age 13)

It’s a very fun way of learning and mostly all in games which made it way more fun and easier to learn. –Nikolai Mannes (age 13)

I liked it a lot. –Ramsay (age 11)

This program has encouraged me to use a system. I liked how you interacted with us a lot and had fun games. It was a pleasure to attend. –Levy Cubrera (age 13)

And remember, “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”