Because I am the proud owner of many financial education websites and several financial literacy blogs, I receive, almost weekly, requests from other website owners requesting that I post a link for their sites on my blogs and sites.

My usual response back to them is, “OK, show me the link.”

Side bar: I have a policy of never posting links to websites that deal with credit scores, credit ratings, mortgages, loans, or debt consolidation.

Invariably the person is asking me to post one of the many links I refuse to post on my sites and blog.

Occasionally it’s a legitimate link and I’m happy to do it…especially if they’ll reciprocate and post a link to my sites from theirs…but this is rare.

Back to the point of this post…

I find it intolerable that we have become a country that is primarily focused on credit scores and credit ratings. I never hear people talking about how much money they’ve saved or invested but I DO hear people talk about their credit ratings.

Do you realize that almost everything we see on TV, hear on radio and read in the papers and in magazines is designed to get us to BUY something? And that credit score that a lot of financial educators think it’s so bloody important to teach our kids about plays right into the hands of every one of those companies trying to get us to buy something.

Don’t get me wrong…there’s nothing wrong with buying things…and there’s nothing wrong with learning how to borrow money wisely in order to acquire assets that pay us passive income over time…it’s just that so often we either don’t need the thing we’re buying or the thing we’re buying isn’t going to affect our lives in a positive way. Go ahead…think about the last few things you bought…especially if you borrowed money (from anyone) to buy those things.

That’s all…just wanted to pop in and remind you that it’s WAY more important to be saving and investing instead of borrowing, buying and getting into debt and I think our kids need to learn why everyone wants them to have a high credit score!

Oh, by the way, I invest between 10-15% of every dollar I earn and make into individual stocks. I also continue investing in my companies (I have more than one:-).

How about you? Let’s start talking, and teaching, about what’s really important!

Just something to think about as usual.