Plastic…it’s everywhere. We have come to accept its insidious use in our lives…but should we?

If  you think I’m talking about plastic bags or plastic food containers or the plastic used in almost every toy known to man, think again.


Nope…I’m talking about plastic money!

If you listen to most financial experts they’ll tell you you must get a credit card to start building your credit. Why is that do you suppose?

So you can borrow money later! In other words, you can more easily use ‘other people’s money’.

Now there may be reasons to use other people’s money (OPM) in the future, but the fact that kids and adults are indoctrinated into this culture of using credit cards to pay for things from the time they go into college or leave home, tells you where our ‘money minds’ are.

We are focused on the wrong side of this transaction. Instead of thinking about, and preparing to, borrow other people’s money, we should be thinking about how we can ‘loan’ our time, energy and money out to others to create assets that then produce a cash flow for us. But more about this another time.

What I’m talking about in this short article is something much more dangerous and risky than other types of plastic. Read on…

Credit Cards and Technology

The newest technology known as RFID (radio frequency identification) isn’t nearly as cool as the credit card companies might have led you to believe. Watch this video to learn how YOU could be vulnerable and have your credit card information stolen from you without even taking your new card out of your wallet or purse. Kinda scary if you ask me!

OK, now that you know, go check your wallet to see if your cards are at risk. If they are, either cover them or call your bank to have new credit/debit cards issued with out this new technology.

Isn’t is fun to learn this stuff?