How would you like to be the Creative Wealth International HUB in your area for financial education camps and events?

Would you like to promote a Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teens or The Money Game camp or event in your area?

We hope you said YES because…

We’re looking for people in major cities all over America to duplicate what we do here locally. This includes:

1) Scheduling a series of all of the events for both youth and families each year.

2) Helping us get grant money to help host those events.

3) Helping to promote and put on those events

4) Feeling great about how you spend your time and energy, knowing you’re making and helping US make a tremendous difference in the lives of the people we touch!

Putting on a financial education program for kids, teens or families is one of the most rewarding things you can do. And we can say this because we’ve been doing this since 2002! Kids thank us for teaching them, parents thank us and rave about the difference our financial education camps and programs have made in their child’s money behavior and teachers are overjoyed with both the unique curriculum we program as well as the amazingly affective teaching techniques they learn at our train-the-trainer workshops.

Please consider becoming part of our team of financial literacy promoters who are committed to putting their hearts and souls into a cause that truly changes the course of people’s lives, especially when you touch those lives while they are young.

You can help us make financial literacy a household word around the US as well as the globe.

Have you ever wanted to be involved in the financial literacy movement?

These are some of the things you need if you want to affect change in the world…

  • A Passion for it – you obviously quality because you’re reading these words.
  • A Program that is effective, proven and promotable – we have developed a proven program that teaches kids and teens (and adults) about money; how to make it, how to manage it and how to multiply it.
  • A Team of People to pass it on to – the world is full of financially illiterate people who are hungry for the information and tools required to create financial freedom for themselves.Just imagine, for a moment, the number of government agencies and nonprofit organizations that would not be necessary if people just understood how to make, manage and multiply their money wisely?
  • A Step by Step System to help you put this program into place (we’re working on this!)

Let’s talk about these things one at a time.

Passion…Strong and barely controllable emotion

Do you ever feel frustrated thinking about your own lack of financial education? To the point of telling everyone you meet that it should be taught in schools and you don’t understand why it’s not?

Do you see the consequences of a financially illiterate society everywhere? (hint: government!)

Do you wish there was something you could do to make a difference?

Did you get a wild hair one day and go to the Internet and type “financial literacy” or “kids and money” or some other variation into Google to see what was available that you might be able to teach?

Good! Hang on to that passion because we’re going to need it!

We’ve been teaching and perfecting our unique brand of financial literacy (financial literacy) programs since 2002. Every year we tweak, modify and add to our existing programs and each year they get better. We are committed to constant change and creating what needs to be created to make the difference that makes the difference.

Our programs lend themselves to virtually endless variations:

  • We can create a program that is 3 hours to 5 days.
  • We can create a program for ages 10 to 80.
  • We can create a program tailored to a specific culture.
  • We have trained hundreds of Creative Wealth Coaches who love to teach others about money.

Build a Team of People

Oh my, they are everywhere we turn. Pick up the paper and read the latest statistics about America’s consumer debt…$Trillions!

Do some research on the amount of debt college students graduate with (IF they graduate before dropping out because of financial problems)…$3,000 to $20,000 or more. And that does NOT include school loans.

Talk to any handful of women in your circle of friends or co-workers. Many are struggling one way or the other. Two things generally show up when you inquire. First, they aren’t making enough money and are stressed because they can’t pay their bills, take care of their kids the way they’d like to, etc. or second, they are making decent to great money but haven’t a clue how to hold on to it or what to do with it to make it grow. The investing concept is often scary and they have no idea who to believe or who to turn to.

Did you know that women’s number one fear about growing old isn’t health related? Women’s number one fear is becoming the proverbial Bag Lady. This is not a good thing to afraid of!

Almost every culture in the world needs to learn about money. It’s rarely taught in school and many parents don’t know how to teach financial concepts to their children. When it IS taught, rarely is investing in passive income producing assets (AKA The Three Pillars of Wealth) taught or discussed. Kids are still being conditioned to think that the only way to ‘make it’ in the world is to get a job. This is not the truth and we must teach them now.

The symptoms of a financially illiterate society are everywhere: too much shopping, too may credit cards, too much stuff, stress-related illness, substance abuse, nonprofit agencies everywhere looking for ways to help the ‘underprivileged.’

There isn’t any such thing as underprivileged in the United States. We all have the same opportunities; we just aren’t all taught that we are.

There are, however, un-resourceful and ignorant people who don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to money and personal finances and planning for financial freedom and/or retirement.

Yes, there are many human beings who really do need our help. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the able-bodied human beings on the earth who could make it on their own IF they were simply taught the tools to do so.

Step by Step System to bring our Camp Millionaire and Money Game Events to your local community.

HUB Roles and Responsibilities – The Basics

  • First, find an appropriate facility or venue. This is what we’ve found works.

    1500 sq. ft. 20-40

    2000 sq. ft . 40-60

    3000 sq. ft. 60-80

  • Help us uncover grant/donation/sponsorship sources specific to your area

  • Help us put the marketing in place

Create and distribute flyers

  • Write press releases for papers, radio, TV

  • Contact media for articles, press releases, etc.

  • Find sponsors for ads in local camp guides

  • Contact all kid’s groups/organizations for flyer distribution

  • Try to distribute flyers through schools

  • Contact PTAs

  • Handle room set up, local supplies, contracts with hotel

  • Arrange for sound system if needed

  • Arrange for volunteers to help with event

  • Arrange for volunteers to run music/sound (adult programs only)

  • Secure sponsorship dollars to be used to offset financial scholarships to attendees

  • Handle all registrations

  • Help set up and run the event


Creative Wealth’s Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance to Promoter from start to finish Write up contracts between Presenter and Promoter
  • Provide location specifications, needs, etc.

  • Provide marketing materials, press releases, etc.

  • Available to do radio interviews, newspaper interviews

  • Provide all program materials, playbooks, teaching materials

  • Provide music for program

  • Provide wireless microphones to be used with hotel / facility’s stereo system

  • Teach entire event from start to finish

Here’s what you can do…

Download these two PDF documents and read them thoroughly. Remember, they are just guidelines.

Form #1: Promote Events

Form #2: Event Expense Estimates

After reviewing all the information, fax or email the information form to us at 888-408-1579 or info@creativewealthintl.or. Please follow up to make sure we received your information.

We’ll call you and set up a call, go over details, answer all the questions we’re sure you’ll have.

If both of us decide to move forward, we will start looking for dates, securing locations and more to make your events a HUGE SUCCESS!

WE NEED YOU! We look forward to working with you because together we can change people’s lives for the better.