See It, Say It, Write It Down

See it Say it Write it down

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to create exactly what they want in life while most just end up taking what comes their way?

Have you ever asked yourself if there were special tools that, if you used them on a regular basis, would allow YOU to life the exact life you wanted to live?

We’re happy to say there are secrets but the secrets have been out for quite a long time.

see itLet’s take the first one…See it.

So I have a question for you. Look around where you are and pick something that you see. Anything at all. Now, what was this thing before it was the thing that you see?

IDEA…yes. An IDEA. I saw Camp Millionaire’s all over the world years ago and slowly but surely, it’s happening. Think of an idea YOU have had that you turned into reality. This is exactly what SEE IT means.

SEE IT has to do with SEEING IT in your mind. This is called Visualization. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between visualization and reality. Have you ever thought of a situation you were in that was emotional and you were immediately taken back to that emotion? Exactly.

So, when you’re working on creating what you want, it’s important to see it in your mind so vividly it’s like a MOVIE, a MENTAL MOVIE so to speak.

• Specific
• Concrete, not abstract
• Have a date for completion
• Walk through the steps to get there
• Who are you going to share it with
• who is it going to serve
• How are you going to celebrate

Really think it through. Run this movie through your amazingly powerful mind projector as often as you want; at least morning and evening before bed. You’ll tweak as you go…this is fine. Refinement is good. The more specific you know what you want, the more specific you’ll get.

A couple of my favorite sayings are…

What you think about, you bring about! (The Secret Movie made this famous)

What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve (Napoleon Hill)

say itOK, let’s move on to SAY IT!

Do you know people who complain all the time? Do you know some of these people intimately? Their lives are often terrible. All sorts of miserable things happen to them and it seems as though they never get a break…and it goes on and on.

Have you noticed those people aren’t FUN to be around? Their energy bring you down? UNLESS you’re like them. THEN you follow suit and start to talk about how terrible YOUR life is!

HMOY of you know people who are always talking about their future, how great it’s going to when… or what they’re in the process of creating. They are generally pretty positive people and much more FUN TO be around.

Our verbal self-talk and what we say about ourselves, others and life every day are very powerful in terms of what we GET out of life everyday.

The first thing you can do it to learn a game I learned from my dear friend Peggy. She taught me a process called CLEAR, CLEAR.

You can also call this activity DELETE, DELETE. You catch yourself saying something negative and then say, “clear, clear” or ‘delete, delete’. Then you rephrase and say something positive.

The next best thing is to have a partner be in on the game as a support person for you. When THEY hear you say something negative, THEY gently remind you by saying, Clear, Clear but it’s not a GOT YOU type thing but a supportive helpful thing to remind someone you love that they are saying negative things about themselves.

write it downNow, let’s talk about WRITE IT DOWN.

Stanford did a study of their alums. What ONE thing did the successful graduates do that the unsuccessful grads not do (and you have a hint in the topic!).

Yes, they WROTE down their goals
But they did it in a specific way…REGULARLY

What happens when you write your goals down on a regular basis? Exactly, they stay at the forefront of your mind so you’re always thinking and working on them.

Now how often should you write your goals down? How quickly do you want them to happen? I believe, but it’s just me, that the more you write them down, the quicker they manifest or come true.

How long does it actually take to write down your goals? Sometimes not long at all. So, it’s really up to you!

Again, make them as specific and concrete as possible.

Another great way to write them down is by starting them out this way…

“It is December 31, 2009. I am ….., I have achieved…, I am looking at…”

The other way you can do the WRITE IT DOWN part is to create what many call a DREAM BOARD or VISION BOARD

This is a VISUAL way of writing it down.

Need: poster board, magazines, photos, images, words from magazine (random note type or sayings), stickers, markers, scissors, glue.

Put it up where you see it all the time! This also helps with the SEE IT part because the images you choose get ingrained in your mind.

Again, SEE IT in your mind and then write your Mental Movie down on paper. Visit it frequently.

SAY exactly what you want to come true on a regular basis using affirmation, afformations and declarations.

And finally, WRITE IT DOWN as often as you can to keep your goals and dreams in front of you.

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