Make More Money Than You Spend and Spend Less Money Than You Make

Make more money than you spendNow while it might sound like it’s the same concept, it really isn’t. Making more money than you spend is an invitation to think about, and figure out, how to make more money than you spend. This is the preferable method as it increases your current income level.

Spending less money than you make, on the other hand, teaches the principle of never over spending, regardless of how much money you are earning or making.

So look at the amount of money you currently bring home each month. As yourself these two basic questions:

1) Are you making more than you spend and if not, how could you make more?

2) Do you spend less than you make? If you don’t, you need to reign in the expenses until you do.

What kind of financial choices could you make from now on that would put you in a better light with the people you value the most (your family, your co-workers, etc.)?

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