So, how did I pay my bills last month?  I began by changing my scarcity thinking to abundant thinking. I was determined to meet my bills and put at least a little bit in each of my jars, using only the money in my checking account.

Changing your thinking requires effort and the creation of new habits. 

First, starting on the last day of the coaches camp, I began to keep a brief evening diary listing everything I had done that day that was a step towards the creation of my new financially free life. This made me conscious each day of doing at least one thing: reading a few pages of a respected financial book; searching the web to learn about stocks; making a phone call to solicit more business, etc.

Second, I began to really pay attention to what I was spending my money on. Piddlyjunk is anything that loses its value the minute you walk out of the store. I included food items like chips, speciality ice cream, candy, donuts, Dairy Queen, all fast food, etc. as Piddlyjunk that, if bought too often, would destroy my dream of financial freedom. I stopped and thought before I bought anything: “Do I really need this, or do I only want it? What purpose does it serve?” I had to buy ink cartridges for my printer. I tutor students and printing the Latin worksheets was essential to create wealth; they were a need. I wanted to buy one of Donald Trump’s books that I had checked out from the library. There was not sufficient money in my Education jar and I had already read the book. This was a want and I did not buy it.

Third, before going into the grocery store I now check to see how much cash I have. This is the maximum I can spend. Doing this makes me much more careful about what I decide to buy.

Fourth, I continued to log all my income and expenses.

Fifth, I constantly thought about “more” not “less”. Out of the blue I received an e-mail from the mother of a five-year old. She had processed the DBA for my Latin program and wanted to enroll her son in classes with me. I had one new student!

Sixth, I made time to read every day – Cameron Johnson, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Leeb – anything to increase my financial knowledge.

I am creating new habits. I am thinking abundant thoughts.

These abundant thoughts brought me a tax-windfall from the State of Michigan. I have money in my jars AND I can pay all my bills from my checking account!  I celebrated with an on-sale cheesecake using money from my living expenses and not my credit card, and a friend had chips out as munchies at her house on Friday! 

Mr. Kiyosaki, Mr Trump, Ms Donati, I think I am getting it!