Pay Yourself First

It’s all about you!

Habits, discipline, choice, appreciation, & gratitude:

  • Form new habits that serve your goals, not undermine your goals.
  • Control your money – tell it where to go so you do not have to ask it where it went.
  • Choose wisely in all areas of your life, not just financial. Remember everything is a choice.
  • Be disciplined in creating those new habits until they become a natural part of your daily life.
  • Appreciate what you have. While dreaming big and working towards your goals, don’t forget to enjoy the moment you are in. Find something special to appreciate and be grateful for whatever your circumstances.
  • Be grateful for what you have rather than always wishing for more, different, or better.

These are the things I have learned and taken to heart since my time with Elisabeth in February. I never would have believed how that few days would change my life. My whole outlook on life is more open, more positive. I am paying myself first in more ways than just financial.

I did have to dip into my account this month. I haven’t seen my mother in two years and I needed a plane ticket to England. Combined with house insurance and preventative vet bills, this was financial overload. BUT these were also planned expenses I knew were coming and the money I was using had been put away to cover these expenses. What was so exciting was that in January, B.E. (Before Elisabeth!) I was positive that in February I would have to pay my regular bills from that money also. I made it until the end of April! I called that cause for a celebration…so I counted the money in my money jars–drum roll–$80 in each excluding living, $45 in the donation jar.

I mentioned that I was paying myself first in other ways too. After the Easter vacation I didn’t go back to work as a substitute teacher, but took the very empowering step to stay home and spend my time creating my dreams. Now I bounce out of bed earlier than I crawled out before, stay up later, and am not tired all the time as the enthusiasm and passion I have for what I’m doing, my so-called “work”, energizes me. Already many of the things on my dream board are showing tiny shoots of growth.

Freedom, whether financial or otherwise, does come disguised as hard work. I am actually working harder and longer than before, but loving every minute of it.

Which brings me to a final, important point:

Beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings determine your wealth potential. Don’t let your financially free future be compromised by your own head! Take control today. Remember today is earlier than tomorrow however young you are.