I know, I know…it’s that time of year that we’ve all been convinced is the perfect time to change something about ourselves…

  • How we look
  • What we weigh
  • How we workout
  • What we eat
  • How we treat others
  • How we treat ourselves
  • How we save money
  • How we spend money
  • How we invest money

Though it’s a great idea to look at our lives and reflect upon what we might like to change in order to get a different result…health, beauty, love, happiness, security, wealth…simply making New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t help much.

New Year’s Resolutions are Short Lived

New Year Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions might help in the short term…a few days, weeks or months…but the only thing that really helps you change something fundamental about your being is discovering and implementing the most amazing WHY for the change that you think you want.

Notice that I said, “think you want.” And it means just what it says. Often we think we want something when in reality, we really don’t want it. We either think we ‘should’ want it or someone else says we should want it when in reality, we really don’t care one way or the other.

I heard it said once that if you really want to know what you’re committed to, look at your life. We do, and don’t do, the things we’re committed to. So believe it or not…

  • If you’re poor, you’re committed to that.
  • If you’re unhealthy and fat, you’re committed to that.
  • If you’re unhappy, miserable and depressed, yes, you’re committed to that.

For whatever reason, being poor, unhealthy, fat, unhappy, miserable or depressed provides something for you that you need or want for yourself. In other words, it’s serving some purpose.

Quite often we choose to stay the same so we can blame someone or something else for our current and past life situations.

The fact is, however, that until you GET that you’re making the choices that bring you closer to, or further away, your goals, you will never have and experience what you say you want to experience.

So, all this being said, you can now see why all of the New Year’s Resolutions in the world can’t help you achieve your goals. Instead, use the five steps below to strive toward, and reach, your goals.

5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

1) Sit down and decide what you want. I know it sounds silly but sometimes we just don’t know what we want. It’s often that I ask myself what I really want and I don’t get an answer. Then out of the blue, something will come up for me and I’ll say out loud, “I want that!”

2) Write it down and draw a picture of it. Somehow putting whatever it is that you want in some tangible form helps the laws of the Universe bring you closer to it.

3) Write down the steps it will take to create that thing or situation for you. Write down as many of the small steps as you can think of and constantly revisit this list. What you’ll find is that the more defined and thought out the list is, the easier it is for you to take the baby steps you need to take to reach the goal.

4) Take those baby steps. Even if you just take one baby step per day, you’ll eventually reach your goal. You can’t help it…it will happen before you know it. One baby step…we can all do this!

5) Enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t last, you won’t take baby steps and you’ll never get what you say you really want for yourself…whatever it is.

BONUS STEP – Re-evalute #1 to make sure you really want what you say you want. If you’re finding it hard to write it down, come up with the steps or stick to the baby steps, you simply don’t want this thing badly enough. Stop wasting your precious time and energy and figure out what it is you really want.

OK, what are you waiting for? Start at #1 and then go enjoy The New Year without all the guilt!

Happy New Year to you all!