Summer Money Camps Financial Education Schedule

Since financial education isn’t one of the 3 Rs just yet, investing in sending your child or teen to a financial education camp in the summer is a great idea. So much so that we have people contact us from all over the US asking us if we have camps in their areas.


Learning about car depreciation has never been so fun!

The short answer is usually that we only do a camp or two in Santa Barbara but the rest of the answer is that we’d love to expand, however, we need people on the ground in those areas to do the leg work for us. Here are a couple of questions for you…

Q: Have you ever wanted to make a difference in a child’s life?

Q: Have you ever wanted to teach or host financial literacy camps and program for kids and teens?

If you answered YES, YOU may be exactly the person we need!

We’re looking for people to help us set up camps around the US. If you’re that person, please call us…we need you!

We’re finding that setting up camps through Park & Recreation Departments, college summer camp programs and youth group programs might be the best way to expand our program so yell if you’re dying to be part of our financial education solution!

San Diego, CA – Riverside, CA – Portland, OR – Edmonds, WA – Chicago, IL – Key West, FL – Raleigh, NC – Northeast USA

If this is you, please check out our new Ambassador Program.


2021 Camp Millionaire Schedule

Newsflash: Elisabeth, who created The Money Camp and Camp Millionaire moved to Montana in 2018 but don’t be alarmed…we’re still doing camps in Santa Barbara! Phew, isn’t that a relief?


Houston, TX

Camp Millionaire

See webpage for details

Website: Camp Millionaire University of Houston Downtown

Teaching Teens About Money

Oldie but goodie…Learning Needs vs. Wants

Santa Barbara, CA Programs

Camp Millionaire

This year’s camp is offered through SB Park & Recreation Department.

Date: July 12-16, 2021
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Age Range: 10-14
Cost: $370/camper plus $25 materials fee
Instructors: Elisabeth Donati and Darren Orshoff

Registration opens March 1, 2021. Do not wait to sign up for this camp. We get inquiries starting at the beginning of the year and the camp always fills up! Yay!

Click here to sign up for Camp Millionaire in Santa Barbara

Need a scholarship? We are offering 5 full scholarships (requires $25 materials fee paid in advance). Call us for details: 805-957-1024.