Our Creative Wealth Mission Statement


Creative Wealth International’s mission is to make teaching kids about money fun, easy and effective! We want to empower teachers and parents with the tools, resources, and knowledge to in turn empower kids and teens to grow into financially responsible adults who can live well and do a lot of good in the world. 

The word EMPOWER means ‘to supply or equip with the ability’ to do something.

Our goal at Creative Wealth is to supply and equip kids and teens with the ability to take care of themselves as adults and to take care of themselves beautifully, without the stress and burden that comes from not knowing about money.

As parents and teachers, our number one goal is to prepare our kids and students for adulthood. To teach them what they really need to know to function in the adult world.

This would work great if all parents were equipped to take care of themselves financially, but they aren’t. Why? Because no one taught US about money either… let alone taught us how to teach this critical life skill to our children.

You see, kids and teens generally don’t realize that they are not getting the information they need to be successful as adults because they don’t know WHAT they need until later. Most adults, in retrospect, seriously wish they’d learned about money and creating wealth as kids and young adults.

Our kids grow up trusting us to teach them what it takes to create a successful, happy life…but we don’t know much more than they do…we generally only know what others have taught us and what we’ve learned along the way, often the HARD way. In many cases now, we’re lying to them…but we aren’t doing it on purpose…especially when it comes to money.

During our parent panels, the one big piece of advice parents give kids and teens is to follow their passions earlier and create their own ways of making money rather than working at the same old job for way too long.

The pain on many parents’ faces when they say these things to kids always saddens us because we can see they wished they’d gotten this information so much earlier and felt empowered enough to make their passions their livelihood.

A note about college

Although it is changing, many adults still believe that going to college and getting a college degree to get a good (secure) job and working at that job forever is the only way to succeed in life. BUT IT’S NOT.

At Creative Wealth, we believe that college is A way, not THE way. There is no exact one way to be financially successful in life and kids need to understand that there are as many ways to earn and make money as they are kids!

The world is changing and the way we work is changing. This old path is not the ONLY way to succeed. In fact, our economy has changed tremendously due to technological advances and this path is becoming unreliable.

The internet has brought us opportunities to make a living for ourselves in ways that never existed before. Not that sitting at a computer all day is a healthy lifestyle because it’s not (ask me how I know), but using the Internet wisely to market ideas, programs, products, and services that you create on your own, to make your own money and be fully responsible for your own life, is the most glorious thing for most people doing this.

We call this “being the CEO of your own life” and it starts by knowing that YOU are in charge of making all of your own choices and that the life you lead is simply a result of all those choices.

We believe that having a powerful financial education is the first step toward true independence. Getting an effective financial education at a young age is, by far, the best way to keep children from growing up into adults that are dependent on others for the rest of their lives.

For example, there are way too many Americans who are dependent upon:

• Governments who can’t afford to take care of them.

• Parents who don’t know what to do to help and/or can’t afford to take care of them.

Dependency often occurs because people often believe that someone else is responsible for taking care of them.

Our youth must be exposed to saving and investing principles, credit and debt, passive income strategies, the possibility of making money on the internet, entrepreneurism, and leadership skills.

Creative Wealth believes that we can change how our kids and teens learn about money. We are dedicated to providing financial education programs, products, and services that make a difference both now and in our children’s futures.

Oh, and why be responsible for ‘the world’? Because not everyone is physically, mentally, or emotionally able to care for themselves. Someone, and not our government, must be able to care for those who can’t take care of themselves.

Personally, I’d rather spend my own time, energy, and money caring for someone who needs it than give that money to a government that will only provide a small percentage of that money to care for the person.

If you’re ready to join us by teaching the children and teens in your circle about money and investing so they can be responsible for themselves and the world, give us a call. We’re here to help you when you’re ready to help others.

Thanks so much,

Silvia Alambert Hala