Guest Post by Expert Panel Member Claudia Mulcahy

Living within your means doesn’t equate to living less well.

You not only save money by not buying candy, sodas, coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes, but your body will celebrate!

Maybe you bike to work to save money on gas. Again, you’ll find an added mind and body benefit.

That 20 year old sweater—if it’s a classic, it’s still in style. If it looks nice, and still fits, why would you part with your money to replace your sweater with a trendy, poor quality version?

There are so many opportunities and temptations when we venture into the store.

Do you have a shopping list? Not just for grocery shopping, but to keep you on task when you stop at the garden center, or the mall?

If you’re looking for something to compliment an outfit, or room decor, do you bring a color or style with you to ensure it doesn’t become an unnecessary purchase?


  • Have a self-made list of agreements:
  • If something isn’t on the list, but begs to come home with you, you’ll leave the store for a cool down period before buying.
  • If you buy something BUT remember when you get home that your priority or goal is more important to you than what you bought, keep the tag on the item, dig through the garbage if needed for the receipt, and return it to the store as soon as possible. (Ladies…sometimes UNshopping is as fun as shopping in the first place!)
  • Don’t shop when you’re bored, upset or lonely. Go out into nature, instead! It will help shift your attitude.
  • If getting outside is going to cost you, weigh the cost of the activity. Maybe you really want tennis lessons. Once you learn tennis, the game can be free.

But it’s not about not spending money. It’s about being aware of what you have, and the purchases you make.

YOU have the power…not the money and certainly not the stores.

Stand tall and continue to live within your means. It takes backbone.

And if you don’t like your means? Change it by choosing differently!

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