Many months ago I was thinking about one of the major tenants that we teach in our progams and that’s the idea that the amount of money you have attached to your name means nothing about who you are as a person.

That got me to thinking that really not a lot attached to us means anything about who we are as a person. So I sat down and wrote out the following Legal Separation From All Things Not Life-related. I’ve given it to many people, and all of our Creative Wealth Coaches in our Train-the-Trainer program, since it was written and I’ve been told me that it helps alleviate the stress associated with the judgments we make about who we are in the world.

Here it is for your pleasure and use. Enjoy…

Legal Separation From All Things Not Life-related

I, ________________ (insert your name here), hereby legally separate myself from all things that are not life. From this day forward, I will no longer be defined by, or let my enjoyment and love of life be affected by, the following:

• my gender
• my marital status or my relationship to a man
• my sexual preference
• my social security number
• my credit score
• my where I live
• my beliefs about the world
• my political opinions
• my opinions about anything at all
• my religious beliefs
• my spiritual practices
• my favorite color, sounds, pictures, places, flowers, etc.
• my what color my skin is, or isn’t
• how white my teeth are, or aren’t
• how tall or short I am
• how big or small my feet are
• my net worth
• how much money I have, or don’t have
• how much debt I have, or don’t have
• how many homes I own, or don’t own
• how much passive income I make, or don’t make
• how much income I make, or don’t make
• what I weigh
• what color my hair is or how much hair I have or don’t have
• how many children I have, whether I have children or not or what who they are
• how much gray is, or is not, in my hair
• what kind of car I drive
• what I choose to read, or not read
• whether I watch TV or not or what I choose to watch or not
• what kind of foods I prefer, or don’t prefer, to eat
• what clothes I choose, or don’t choose, to wear
• what words I choose, or don’t choose, to speak
• what thoughts I choose, or don’t choose, to share
• or anything else for that matter.

I am simply me. Period.

Signed this _____ day of ________, 20
___________________ (print name here) formerly a sparkle in my mother’s eye, formerly a snippet of the Universe, whatever that may be.

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