Hi and Happy New Year from Creative Wealth!

Today I’m thinking about the next year, knowing that my nature has never truly embraced the idea of planning for the long run. And yes, I bet you can’t believe that I actually admitted to that, but it’s true…and let me explain.

Just because I don’t really ‘get’ making plans for a year from now doesn’t mean I don’t plan for a year from now. That’s the whole point of learning about money and the need to think into the future.

…think about how you want to live.

…think about what you’d like to experience.

…think about all the good you’d like to do in the world.

…think about anything that’s important to you.

In Camp Millionaire, I have a lesson that I teach called “What Kind of Goal Person Are You”. It’s not actually in the curriculum proper (but it will be) but I love doing it with the older kids for sure.

You see, there are GOAL oriented people and PROCESS oriented people and I’m mostly the latter. Which one are you?

The challenge in modern society is that we grow up indoctrinated into a culture that constantly talks about goals, taking things to a new level, moving forward, etc. None of this, however, has ever felt right to me.

It took me decades before I discovered a profound book called “Goal-Free Living” by Stephen Shapiro. When I read his book it was like peering into my soul. I realized there was nothing wrong with the way I felt, thought or approached life. I was simply a process-oriented person. Here is the link if you want to read it yourself.

I think more of us are process oriented than want to admit. But I want you to know YOU ARE OK if this is you also.


So how, exactly, do you reconcile planning for your future financially and going with the flow? That’s a great question! AND I’m not sure I have an exact answer for you.

What I have discovered, living in my own being, and coaching so many women along the way, is that we just have to find a way that works for us. Gender wise, I do see more women being process oriented than men, but there is a fairly large percentage of men who are process oriented also.  Regardless, it’s critical to your financial well-being that you have some type of financial plan and set some goals that work for you.


In the end, being a financial literacy educator, I have seen first hand how important education is to people who are process oriented. It’s the only way to bridge the gap between going with the flow and going with the flow while acknowledging the importance of doing some money planning.

Education helps you see that we aren’t actually hard-wired to save and invest. We’re not really hard-wired to equate money with our worth or value in the work place.

We’re hardwired to get the deer, cook the deer, have babies, keep the babies safe so they can become adults who can successfully (as in survive) repeat the cycle. (And my apologies to my vegetarian friends who wouldn’t kill and eat a deer for anything. Feel free to substitute tofu or black beans for the deerJ.)

Education helps you see and understand that, regardless of how you’re oriented in the goal department, making financial plans has to become a priority for you or you just won’t do it. And if you don’t do it, well, you’re in for a world of financial struggle later on.


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If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or just give me a call at 805-957-1024. I just love talking about financial education!

All my best in the coming year…

elisabeth donati



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