Getting Started – Financial Education Resources for
Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Foster Parents and Guardians

Thank you for wanting to teach your kids about money and investing so they are financially savvy when they’re older. Our theory is that it’s never too early or too late to learn about money.

Would your life be different right now if you had learned how to manage your money wisely and invest it for the future when you were young? Most parents answer “YES” to this question and it’s the main reason parents usually go searching for a great way to make sure their kids don’t have to learn about money ‘the hard way.’

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, foster-parent, or other guardian of a child or teen (or several), we have unique and effective financial education solutions to offer you for just about any age. And if you still don’t know what you want or need, please pick up the phone and give us a call at (786) 627-8520. We love to talk ‘financial education for kids’.

“Rayanna and Joel came home having learned a lot from one day of camp. They thought the day was going to be boring with speakers all day, but were surprised to learn all day by doing fun activities.” A. Cortes, Mom

Summer Financial / Money Camps for Kids & Teens

Camp Millionaire

Camp Millionaire Summer Camp

Camp Millionaire is our signature financial education camp that started back in August of 2002 with 39 kids in a hot, stuffy room at a local Boys & Girls Club in Santa Barbara, CA. It was such a success, we’ve been doing them ever since AND we’ve sold our curriculum to thousands of others who have been teaching kids about money as well.

NOTE: While all camps were cancelled in 2020, we’re hoping 2021 will bring them alive again. 

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Teach kids about money
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Moving Out! for Teens Camp

Our teen financial education and life prep summer camp teaches teens everything they need to move out and stay out!

From learning the financial basics they need to thrive as adults to how to rent apartments, create resumes, dress professionally and create budgets, Moving Out! for Teens is just the ticket. Oh…and it’s a blast, too! 

Promote a Camp Millionaire, Money Game or Moving Out! for Teens Event in Your Community

Please consider learning how to use our programs by becoming a Creative Wealth Coach (online training) in order to teach Camp Millionaire or learning how to teach The Money Game or simply promoting a program in your area and hiring one of our trained coaches to come teach financial education to the kids and teens you love. Note: we are available to teach adult/child program combinations as well.

Teach Your Children and Teens About Money and Investing at Home

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Creative Cash for Kids

Looking for a way to teach your kids and teens about money and investing in the comfort of your own home? Looking for an easy program for a homeschool group? Great!

Creative Cash for Kids is a comprehensive, easy to use, home-study or home school financial education program…perfect for parents and guardians who realize the only way their children are going to learn about money is if they teach them!

You can also use this program for small groups of kids. Creative Cash for Kids comes in two pieces: The Parent Guide and Financial Freedom Playbook for the child. Available in Print or PDF format.

money coloring book for kids

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The Financial Wisdom Coloring Books for Kids and Parents is the perfect financial primer and activity book for kids ages 3-8 (or anyone who colors).

The left side is written to help the parents or guardian explain the financial principle on the right which the kids are coloring. Imagine learning about money in a fun way that opens up the financial conversations between you and your children in a simple, stress-free way.

money principle cards for kids

Rules to The Money Game - Financial Principle Cards

We all know there are quite a few rules you need to know and use to win The Money Game. Creative Wealth’s Financial Principles are the basic principles financially free people have used for centuries to get, and stay, financially free.

By exposing your children to these financial principles when they are young, you can help them establish lasting financial thoughts, beliefs, and habits that will follow them into adulthood. 

Print, glue on card stock, and cut into small cards. Don’t understand the principles yourself? No problem! We’ve got you covered. 

the money game for kids

The Money Game for Kids & Teens

The Money Game is a fun and experiential way for kids and teens (and adults) to learn about money. While the game was originally intended for groups of children, it works great at home as well. 

With The Money Game, we like to say that the room is the board and the kids are the pieces. The lessons, by the way, also last forever. Kids learn by doing…they get the lessons, principles, habits, etc. in their bodies. It’s an emotional and fun experience and most kids will play the game over and over again.

Temporarily available only in the downloadable version (PDF Download).

allowance book

Ultimate Allowance Book

Author: Elisabeth Donati

If you’re a parent, you know you’re biggest responsibility is to prepare your child(ren) to live well on their own. This includes understanding money and investing. 

The Ultimate Allowance helps parents prepare their kids to be financially responsible adults.

How do you do this? Simply…stop spending money ON your kids (cost of raising them, etc.) and run most of that money THROUGH them instead, giving them tons of practice before it really matters. The Ultimate Allowance shows you how to do this. It’s literally the only financial parenting book you’ll ever need. 

napoleon hill for kids

Rocks to Riches - Financial Adventure Book for Kids

Ages: 8-12ish.

Rocks to Riches is a treasure hunt with a twist. A kids’ financial adventure they will never forget.

The story…Five friends and a pot-bellied pig spend the summer hunting for treasure and learn about friendship, family and finance along the way. (Secret: parents are loving it, also!)

Rocks to Riches is based loosely on the wealth and success principles in “Think and Grow” Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The most powerful financial principle on the face of the planet…

Pay Yourself First!