Creative Wealth Financial Literacy Lesson

Basic financial lessons for your students and groups

The following financial education lessons are some of our favorite lessons from our Camp Millionaire Financial Education Curriculum. We wanted to make them available to anyone who wanted to teach these important lessons to their kids or students.

Fun Financial Education Lessons
This page contains many extra financial literacy lessons you may wish to incorporate into The Money Game once you have mastered the basic lessons inherent in the game itself. The first two, The Money Jars and Simple vs. Compound Interest, are free with the purchase of the game. If at any point you have a question about what any of the activities cover, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call at 805-957-1024.

The Money Jars Activity Lesson

Most people grow up thinking that money has one job spending. But if this is truly what you believe about money, you ll never have much extra to make your dreams come true, help others make their dreams come true and create financial freedom for yourself.. READ MORE


Millionaire Habits  Learn Them Early or Else Activity Lesson

Habits are everything. We have habits we do and habits we don’t do. Financial habits are no different. You’re either in the habit of saving money or not saving money. Learning the financial habits of wealth, rich, financial free people are critical if you and/or your students are going to become financial free. Our Millionaire Habis Activity Lesson is really easy to incorporate into any financial literacy education program… READ MORE


Simple vs. Compound Interest Activity Lesson

Since compound interest is one of the most important financial education concepts around, I thought it only proper to provide you with this following great Simple vs. Compound Activity Lesson… READ MORE


The Language of Money Activity Lesson

Learning about money is just like learning about any other subject there are words that are specific to the topic that you must know and understand in order to put the information you re learning to use for your benefit.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Code of Honor Activity Lesson

You know you just hate being told how to act and what to do? Well, it s pretty universal among kids AND adults so we created a way for the participants in our programs.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Needs and Wants Debate Activity Lesson

Helping people distinguish between Needs and Wants is critical when you re teaching them how to make wiser financial choices with their money.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

SSPs  Spending & Savings Plans

Lets face it without a handle on how much money is coming into our lives each month (from both earning and making money) and how much is going out (spent on living expenses), its hard to get a grip on having extra money in your life.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

First Impressions Activity Lesson

We constantly make judgments about people relative to how much money we think they have or dont have when in actuality, the type of person they are often has nothing to do with their financial situation.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Financial Principle Contest Activity Lesson

I have often heard it said that  Repetition is the mother of skill. This quote is often attributed to Anthony Robbins but I m sure its been said by several others.. READ MORE

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10-24-7: The Combination to a Life of Possibility

One of my pet peeves with most of our current education system (and there are many), is that we make the worlds future population learn, aka memorize, a whole lot of facts and figures.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Assets and Liabilities Activity Lesson

Helping people distinguish between an Asset and a Liability helps them know what to do with their hard earned cash.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

The Money Cow Game Activity Lesson

Everyone loves stuffed animals and this activity is centered around a little stuffed cow you can even call it the Cash Cow if you want, though ours is named Betsy.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Musical Chairs Supply & Demand Activity Lesson

Supply and demand is as basic an economic lesson as it gets when youre talking about teaching kids and teens about money.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Earning Vs. Making Money Activity Lesson

Most of our children are still being groomed for getting jobs when they get out of school but there are so many other, more satisfying, ways to bring money into our lives.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Financial Foursquare Activity Lesson (Robert Kiyosakis Cash Flow Quadrant)

Two of the most important distinctions that Camp Millionaire and The Money Game help people (little and not so little) see is.. READ MORE

Price: $14.95

Penny a Day Vs. Million Dollars Today Activity Lesson

Our Penny Vs. Million Dollars Activity has to do with compound growth and is a great way to get anyone to understand the power of money invested over time.. Price: $14.95