Creative Wealth’s Financial Principles
(AKA Rules to The Money Game)

If you want to win the money game, you have to know, and use, the rules which are also called financial principles. In all of our programs we focus on financial principles rather than mechanics. We feel it’s more important for the kids and teens to understand the WHYs behind what we’re teaching them.

Our experience, but in our programs and personally, is that when humans are interested in something for whatever reason, they will delve deeper into the subject, learning the mechanics or HOWS when they’re ready. 

We use the thirty (30)  financial principles below in all of our programs: Camp Millionaire, Moving Out! for Teen, Creative Cash for Kids, and The Money Game. Feel free to use the principles in your own programs. They are available in business card size and full-sized 11 x 17 placards that we use on the walls in our camps. 

Simply click on the financial principle below to learn more.

Financial Freedom is Your Choice
Make More Money Than You Spend and Spend Less Money Than You Make
Creating Financial Freedom is a Matter of developing the right habits
Invest With Your Head Not With Your Heart
Save Early Save Often
It is Better To tell Your Money where to go than to ask where it went
Assets Feed You Liabilities Eat You
Financial Success Comes From Managing Risk, Not Avoiding It
It's Not How Much Money You Make That's Important, It's How Much You Keep
Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes Determine Your Wealth Potential
Dont Put all Your Financial Eggs Into One Basket
See it say it write it down
Being Broke is a Temporary Financial Condition, Being Poor is a State of Mind
Life Is An Adventure; Let Passion Be Your Guide
Money Buys You Stuff, Not Happiness
To Be Financially Successful, Learn The Langugae Of Money
Money Is A Tool To Reach Your Dreams
Pay Yourself First
To Create Financial Freedom, Invest The Energy Of Money Wisely
You Are The CEO Of Your Own Life; Financial Freedom is Your Responsibility
If You Can't Afford It In Cash, You Can't Afford It At All
Most People Don't Plan To Fail; They Fail To Plan
Interest Is Only Interesting When You're Receiving It
Make Money Grow By Putting It To Work For You
Earning Money Creates An Income; Making Money Creates A Life
If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Take your There
Only Borrow Money When it's Going To Make You Money
Leverage Turns An Ounce Of Effort Into A Ton Of Results
Helping Others Is Helping Ourselves
Your Money Habits always Add Up In The End

PrinciplesCardsCreative Wealth Principle 11 x 17 Wall Placards

Get a set of all 30 of the financial wisdom princples printed and laminated on 11 x 17 in FULL COLOR today for your group or classroom. They are amazing to teach from, have conversations and lessons around. Even adults will ask you about them.


Money Principle Cards for Kids

These business card size Money Principle Cards feature all 30 of the Creative Wealth Principles we teach in our Camp Millionaire camps and curriculums. They’re a great way to get the ‘money conversation’ started with your kids and teens, or even between a couple just learning about money.

Cards are available printed or as a downloadable PDF you can print and cut at home on card stock.

Downloadable PDF – 9.95


Printed – $14.95


Life’s Little Wealth Principle Cards for Adults

principlesLife’s Little Wealth Principles are 52 of the most powerful financial habits and principles used by financially free people everywhere. The cards will remind you daily of the little things you can do to move yourself forward in any way you wish!

Order your own set of Life’s Little Wealth Principles today. They make great gifts also!.

financial principle cards

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