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the money game

When I started developing our unique financial education camp, Camp Millionaire, I went for a walk one day on the beach, contemplating what was missing from the program.

The strangest thing happened…I heard a voice tell me to create a financial education game where the room was the board and the players where the pieces.

I didn’t exactly know what that meant, but I knew that’s what I had to do to make financial education fun and sticky, in other words, make the program so that kids and teens actually REMEMBERED the information they learned so they can use it later to create financial freedom for themselves.

A Little History of The Money Game

I had the kids play Robert Kiyasaki’s Cash Flow for Kids game in our very first Money Camp in 2002 with those wonderful 39 kids but threw up my hands about 30 minutes into the session…too many pieces, too many instructions, not enough games which meant too many kids per game, and oh, the noise! I vowed never to play a board game with a group of kids again.

This is how The Money Game come together…

I already knew that in order for someone to really learn something, that someone had to experience it first hand. To me, that meant that my students needed to experience the act of getting a paycheck, paying their expenses, saving up their money by paying themselves first, buying assets and then experiencing the profound freedom of receiving passive income from owning those assets.

The game started to take shape during one of our Creative Wealth Train-the-Trainer workshops with one of the gals who had come to the training and was staying at my house. She helped me map out the beginnings of the game.

The first year, my head instructor, Pamela Capalad, and I created a complicated verson of what is now The Money Game. (And yes, we have The Money Game on steroids in the back room for later!).

Over the next couple of years, Pamela and other instructors honed the game, added very cool distinctions and lessons and figured out how to literally wrap our curriculum activities around the game.

We started affectionately referring to the activities as ‘the money game‘ because we were teaching kids and adults the ‘rules to the money game’ which is what we also call our Creative Wealth Principles.

The Money Game name stuck. A couple of year later, we extracted the game from our huge Camp Millionaire curriculum and now it’s available to you. Anyone can teach personal money management and wealth creation principles to anyone (ages 9 and up) with The Money Game.

Click here to visit our dedicated Money Game website and learn a whole lot more about this amazingly entertaining, experiential financial education game.

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