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Suggested Interview Questions for our different programs Camp Millionaire Financial Literacy Programs

You say your mission is to “empower people to be responsible for themselves and the world.” What exactly do you mean by that?

Why did you start this program?

You teach in your program that financial freedom is simply a matter of choice. You mean all you have to do is ‘choose’ to have money and you will?

You say you teach the kids in your programs to develop the right thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about money. Isn’t that kind of new age?

The most entertaining event to ever hit financial literacy! What makes you so sure?

What do you teach kids that parents and schools aren’t teaching?

But aren’t you just creating a new generation of people whose main focus is having a lot of money? Isn’t that kind of materialist?

What can parents expect their kids to learn from Camp Millionaire?

What makes Camp Millionaire so much more effective than other existing financial education programs?

Is there a particular age when kids are more susceptible to financial education?

What are three of the main points that you teach kids?

Isn’t learning about money dry and boring? How do you make a subject that many adults don’t like or don’t understand, easy for the kids to learn and apply?

Can a parent really teach their own kids how to handle money and invest wisely?

You teach kids and adults to start managing their money by dividing it into six Money Jars. What exactly are Money Jars?

Let’s say a 13-year-old comes out of one of your programs excited and ready to set up his Money Jars, start a little business and start learning about the stock market but he still sees his parents using credit cards to pay for things and hears them arguing about money all the time. How can you be sure that your information is going to stick?

Are all Camp Millionaire summer camp programs or do you teach shorter programs also?

Can you give our listeners three things they can do at home to make sure their children grow up financially responsible and successful adults?

Camp Millionaire Curriculum and Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Why is Creative Wealth’s Train-the-Trainer workshop so powerful and effective?

Many of your testimonials talk about something called accelerated teaching. What is it and how does it make your program different?

Can anyone attend your Train-the-Trainer workshop?

Are there individuals that do better teaching your programs than others?

Will the teaching methods work in other industries?

What exactly is The Money Game?

Your literature talks about games, activities, role-playing. Can you give me an example of a game you teach?

Many financial literacy curriculums are free but yours isn’t. Why?

Why do you call the people you train ‘Coaches’?

Is there ongoing training for the people that go through your Train-the-Trainer workshop?

I undertand that you license your program. Can you explain that a little bit?

The Money Game® Financial Literacy Curriculum

What exactly is The Money Game? If it’s not a board game, how do teachers use it to teach personal finance?

Why did you develop The Money Game?

What was the inspiration behind The Money Game?

What are the five most important lessons kids and teens learn from playing The Money Game?

What ages is the game appropriate for?

Do I have to have a background in teaching or financial planning in order to teach it?

What makes the Money Game more effective than most other financial education programs?

How is The Money Game different than what other people are teaching?

you talk about the three things parents need to do to raise money-savvy adults. Can you share those three things with us?

Setting an example

Talking to your kids about money at every turn

Making sure kids gets tons of the right kind of money practice

What IS The Ultimate Allowance?

Can anyone use this method of allowance or do you have to have a certain amount of money?

In your book, you talk about teaching kids to think like wealthy people. What do you mean by that?

But aren’t you just creating a new generation of people whose main focus is having a lot of money? Isn’t that kind of materialist?

Is there a particular age when kids are ready to learn about money?

Can a parent really teach their own kids how to handle money and invest wisely?


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