financial coloring book

Financial Coloring Book

Dear Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Foster Parents, Guardians…

Are you looking for fun way to start exposing your little children to the world of money?

If you are, you have stumbled onto a financial literacy coloring book that help teach kids who love to color about money AND it doesn’t require that you be the expert first!

Introducing…the Financial Wisdom Coloring Book!

If you’re one of the many parents who doesn’t know how to begin to talk to your children about money and investing…you’re not alone. Sometimes getting the conversation started just takes a little prompting…AND a great tool.

Since so many of us never learn about money and how to manage or grow it in school or at home when we were young, it’s often uncomfortable and challenging to teach our own children about money.

The fact is, just opening up the money conversation makes many parents cringe! 

Our Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents is just the ticket to opening up the family money conversation. Using a financial coloring book makes it so easy. 

All you need is the coloring book, or one page from it, a box of crayons or coloring pencils or markers and a few minutes with your child. Pick a financial principle that speaks to you or let your child choose a page with a picture they want to color. 

Let the learning and fun unfold naturally. Encourage questions, answer honestly, ask more questions, etc. Just let it flow and notice when you start to stumble on a certain principle or idea. This coloring book isn’t just for kids…you’d be amazed at the number of adults who’ve written us to let us know…

  • “I can’t tell you how much we learned simply by coloring about money with our daughter.”
  • “We loved having an activity book to work in that helped guide a new conversation with our son. Even our older daughter wanted a page to color and that opened up even more conversations. It’s been great! Thank you!”
  • When my son started asking me questions I couldn’t answer about money, I felt terrible and was ashamed that I didn’t know the answers. His dad has quite a bit of money but wouldn’t answer my son’s questions. I went looking for an easy way to help teach him and since he is extremely artistic at 8 years old, the coloring book seemed like a good idea. I was right! He loved it. I loved it and now we talk openly and honestly about money now that he’s 12. Even though he doesn’t color anymore, he still keeps the coloring book so he can refer back to the principles in it.”
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Time-Tested Money Principles

Financially free and responsible people all use the same money principles…

  • Save money early
  • Plan your spending and savings
  • Invest money so grows in value and produces passive income, and
  • Value financial security over status.
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Learn Together

Kids love it when their parents spend time with them. They know and appreciate when a parent is being honest with them. Lastly, they LOVE learning pretty much anything with a parent. Learning together is a big key to connecting with your child.

save early

Learning Early

The fact is, children have far more time to earn money, save money, invest money, start businesses, and plan for tomorrow than adults do. Let’s help them get started early.

How the Financial Wisdom Coloring Book Came to Be

In 2009, Steve Gordon, being extremely familiar with the Camp Millionaire principles, decided that he wanted to help his daughter, Shayla, create a little money for herself.

He talked to her (then age 16) about doing the drawings in exchange for receiving a percentage of each sale. She loved the idea (because she understands the bonus principle!) and started drawing immediately.

In just a few months, Shayla finished the drawings, we designed the cover and put the coloring book together.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the quickest and surest ways to creating passive income and we had a great time working together as a family on this fun and important project.

Elisabeth, Steve and Shayla all love knowing they are making a difference in people’s lives…and Shayla still loves getting her little royalty checks in the mail. 

Download your sample financial coloring book pages here —–>>>>>

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