It has been proven time and time again that most people do not like change and they will go to any means to make sure their life remains in a state of isolation. There is a mystical state of fear for most when it comes to anything adversely, or perceived adversity, to their preconditioned state of mind.

If their job is keeping them in a cruise control state, even if it’s in the midst of the worst road construction and destruction ever, they will most likely continue on that known path and status quo.

If someone is in a marriage that is unfulfilled and completely out of harmony with their core values, most will stay in that channel of “comfortable in their own misery” until the circumstances get so bad they have then sacrificed a good portion of who they are to please the other party.

The Question is…WHY?

There is a real underlying factor and pandemic state in our society right now that stems from our lack of trust in the governmental and socioeconomic system and it has caused many domino effects in our decision making processes.

We are programmed through the media, TV, newspapers and Hollywood hit movies that fear, mistrust in someone or some organization is the norm and we must submit to the fear and isolate ourselves and hope a bailout of some sort is coming. This has caused an epidemic shadow on the light of the human spirit. We have somehow come to the conclusion that if we lose our jobs we will lose all security and hope for the future in terms of providing for our families. Most never think of the possibilities of other ways and means of wealth creation; only the misapplied and manipulated big governmental constraints that are bestowed upon us.

The JOB mentality often kills the human spirit with incongruent messages to the brain of self mastery, self introspection, self awareness and self conclusions. The idea that someone other than ourselves can control our time, destiny and overall future plans is totally antipodal to the human spirit.

This country was built upon principles of Free Enterprise networking and exchange for value systems whereby the main mode of inclusion was the relationships and communication amongst the people within a self functional paradigm. In short, the people within a society were responsible for self exchange and wealth creation by bartering and exchanging resources, value sets and strength of actions from all involved for a common goal. Government was only involved to the extent in business commerce to provide a check and balance amongst the states and the people trading within the municipalities.

Right now, with our financial collapse in full bloom and no end in sight, it is the perfect time for the American Spirit of Free Enterprise to awaken again. We are surrounded by certain and systematic opportunities everyday for us to take advantage of.

The Internet has provided a complete set of new rules and paradigms whereby information travels so fast and with such a force that we can leverage and harness that power to help individuals and organizations find their purpose again. Networking in Free Enterprise and network marketing has provided the antithesis to the JOB (J.ust O.ver B.roke) scarcities and minimalist ideal. The Internet has provided a playground for play makers and a business model for serious entrepreneurs to start their own home businesses and begin their new life journey of personal empowerment.

We have been so manipulated into thinking that we must go to school, get a good job, buy a house (our largest asset, WRONG) and live the life of a credit card debt just to keep up with the Jones’s mentality, that we have lost the vision of how true wealth is created and mastered in Free Enterprise. Leveraging the internet and the internet searches for home businesses will allow us to tap into systems and processes that are built for automation, duplication and branding on the internet.

There are some very simple steps you can take to start a small and recapture that buried inner spirit we all have for self-mastery and self-creation. We were all born with a specific purpose and talent, but unfortunately our jobs do not allow it to come out.

You may not realize it but there is one thing we all have in common.

Which of these scenarios feels better…depositing your paycheck into a checking account every week after a grueling 5 days at the office, or helping a little old lady in need as she drops her groceries in the store?

It’s obvious, right? Helping people is how we are built; it’s internal and it’s how we regain our power to succeed.

You see, it’s all about helping someone else achieve their goals and dreams by helping them, coaching them and guiding them with your skill set. We all have these skill sets and this is what unleashes the power of leverage on the internet.

The second most common search on the internet, right behind travel, is done by people wanting to start their own home-based business. WHY? Well, if they haven’t lost their jobs already, they are being challenged by that little voice in their heads that says, “Why do I keep coming here when it’s killing me inside and out and I’m making very little money?”

And here is the issue to keep in mind…people don’t necessarily want money; they want the freedom that money can provide.

Think about it. Do people really work to pile their money in a bank account for no reason at all? NO, they want to create a lifestyle that gives them the freedoms that our forefathers meant for us when they created Free Enterprise System.

The secret is this…just like the Gold Rush, where the spirit became the driving force to wealth creation and exchange for value, the internet is the new force for wealth creation and exchange for value and it’s ready to be mined right now!

Scott Lifer- Master Internet Marketer, Coach and Mentor for Mega Information Era. Professional Speaker and master motivator.

Join the revolution and mentorship journey to success….

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