The stuff that dreams are made of 
Elisabeth Donati

Elisabeth was the founder of Creative Wealth International and the co-creator of Camp Millionaire, The Money Game, and Moving Out! for Teens.

We say co-creator because while the original ideas were hers, the program has been shaped by everyone who has ever used it.

Elisabeth promoted financial literacy for kids, teens, and adults since 2002…ever since she realized that no one taught her about money. 

The idea of teaching kids about money came naturally. She decided to create a financial camp to teach kids and teens (and their parents) all of the financial education information she never learned as a child. She figured the earlier we expose kids to the world of money, the better prepared they’d be to handle it wisely.

Elisabeth’s passion for financial education

guided her along these years to create the best financial literacy program ever, and she was always committed to making a difference in the world, helping people to live happy lives by both showing them how to have the money to take care of themselves while also teaching people of all ages that life is simply what we make it up to be.

And she did all of this in the context of fun, playful, interactive workshops call Camp Millionaire, The Money Game, and a variety of other programs she created for both kids and adults.

“Thank you, Elisabeth. I appreciate you so much. You are an inspiration to me and I am glad to know you. ~ Sincerely, Lola Peredes, Dos Pueblos High School Teacher and Creative Wealth Coach


After 20 years of dedicated work, Elisabeth decided to pass the baton, and in March 2022, Silvia Alambert Hala, her very first international licensee, who is also passionate about teaching kids and teens (and the parents) about money, finances, and well-being acquired the Company to continue the work and the legacy of Creative Wealth International.


“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn