Unique Financial Literacy Curriculums, Programs & Events
for Kids and Teens (ages 10 and up)

Creative Wealth offers four unique financial literacy curriculums and programs (see list below). We believe that we must bring money and kids together while they are young so that they have enough time to develop a healthy relationship to money through learning the financial skills that will allow them to live a finanically responsible life.

financial principlesAll of our programs feature 30 time-test financial principles that all financially free people use to get, and remain, financially free. Principles like…

1) Pay Yourself First

2) Financial Freedom is your choice

3) Financial Freedom is your responsibility

4) You are the CEO of your own life

5) Put your money to work for you

6) Only borrow money when it’s going to make you money

And 24 more. Our programs are a bit, well, edgy.

We call the stuff we waste our precious financial resources on “PiddlyJunk” because it is. We teach kids that their lives are a result of what goes on between their ears first (their thoughts).

We teach kids that their emotions result from their beliefs: what they make things mean…we want to create leaders, not victims. The ulterior motive behind this program is two-fold: create a strong society full of financially responsible citizens and create future politicians that value a balance budget over over-spending. If this seems little grandiose, it is because it is.

gameWe have to do something different and we have to do it now! We welcome you to join us in our mission to touch as many lives as possible with these critical life-skills and information. Let’s get kids saving and investing while they are young!

Let’s start setting a better example.

Let’s start forcing our government officials to start setting a better example.

Let’s start being mature and stop letting our cars and houses and clothes and purses and shoes and whatever else we seem to value in this country dictate who we are as people.

We teach kids a concept called Be, Do, Have. Most people think they have to Have something in order to DO something in order to Be a certain way but this is incorrect. You have to BE something first and then you’ll naturally DO the things you need to do to HAVE the things you want.

gameAnother concept we teach all our participants in every program is “How you do anything is how you do everything.” (author, Cheri Huber). This is an amazing way to look at your life and your actions. Try it for a while…you’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

And finally, all of our programs are grounded in this:

Our Beliefs lead to our Thoughts which lead to our Feelings which lead to our Actions which lead to the Results (our Life).

In other words…

Beliefs —> Thoughts —> Feelings —> Actions —> Your Results (AKA your life)

If you want to know what your financial beliefs are, just look at your life.

All of our programs are taught using Accelerated Learning Technique. This means that we use a Multi Sensorial Teaching Method designed to engage, entertain and enroll participants into the learning process. In other words, we teach visually, auditorilly and kinesthetically so that everyone in the room learns, regardless of their learning style.

So, if teaching kids and teens how to make, manage and multiply their money sounds like something you’d be passionate about, we’d love to have you on the team!

This is a listing of all our programs:

Financial Literacy Curriculum
Age Range

In The Money Game, the room is the board, players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime.

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This financial education game is a simple and effective way for kids and teens to experience creating financial freedom through the power of buying assets and receiving passive income from these investments.

Imagine a game where the players get paychecks, pay their expenses, buy real estate, stocks and businesses and then get passive income for every asset they invest in.

It’s simple. It’s conceptional. It’s effective. And it’s more fun than you could ever imagine a financial education curriculum being!

The Money Game is used in all Creative Wealth programs and has only been available as a stand-alone financial education program since 2010.

Ages 9 & up!

The Money Game works great with adults, too. They love playing The Money Game!

• School Curriculum
• Summer Camp Curriculum
• Summer Camp Events

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Mote: The Camp Millionaire Curiculum includes
The Money Game

Camp Millionaire is our signature program. Its 16-20 hour curriculum is designed to teach all of the financial management, wealth creation principles and mechanics that we think are necessary in order for kids and teens to grow up financially responsible.This program is modular in nature. You can teach it over the course of a semester, several weeks or one session a day for several days in a row.

Ages 10 – 18

We alter how we teach it based on the age of the kids.

Note: Our teen program is only available for private events. Call us today to arrange this amazing program for your group of teens.

moving out

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Moving Out! teaches everything you wished you’d learned before you moved away from home!

Teens learn how to…

  • earn and make money and what to do with it when they do.
  • hunt and apply for an apartment
  • buy, insure and take care of a car
  • apply for a credit card and how to keep it from burying you
  • pay utilities
  • go grocery shopping
  • find and apply for a job
  • open a bank account
  • read a paycheck
  • budget their income for saving, spending, and most importantly, investing
  • and so much more!

Teens have a million questions about money, investing, apartments, cars, and everything else they think it takes to live on their own.

Moving Out! gives teens real life financial practice, so you can be assured that when they move out, they’ll stay out!

Ages 14 -22

Research shows that just 10 hours of financial education will make a difference!

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The Creative Cash for Kids curriculum is a comprehensive guide that helps you teach your kids the importance of saving and investing at home. And, more importantly, why it’s critical to start early.

Keep your child from being one of the thousands of adults who have told us they wish that they had learned how money works when they were young.

This program is great for parents who home school their children.

Ages 8-14ish

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? We can custom design the perfect program for you!

• School assemblies • Conferences • Presentations

• Private programs like family reunions or gatherings

• Corporate employee programs • Corporate employee’s children/teen programs

• Key-note Speeches • Other Educational presentations.

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