Have you ever wanted to wake up in the morning and know that you were about to go spend the day chancing lives teaching financial education to kids?

This is exaCamp Millionairectly what it feels like the morning you get up to go teach your first Camp Millionaire camp. You’re excited, petrified you’ll mess up (newsflash: the kids don’t care!), proud and more. It’s the best feeling ever! At least we think so.

Oh, and it’s SOOOOO much fun. Sometimes you’ll laugh so much your face will hurt. We thought we needed to warn you about that part! 🙂

Here’s the scoop…

Creative Wealth International is offering a unique financial education teacher training opportunity July 7-12 in Santa Barbara, CA this summer. The training overlaps our Camp Millionaire camp filled with 10-14 years old.

During the training, you will experience the live week-long Camp Millionaire summer camp, be coached by the founder and head instructor and get to see first hand, what it’s like to prepare young lives for a financially savvy future.

The cost of the training is only $695 and includes the Camp Millionaire and The Money Game curriculums. There are only 6 spots available.

You’ll have fun and you’ll leave knowing exactly what it actually takes to run your own Camp Millionaire Financial Education camps!

For more information, call 805-957-1024, email Elisabeth@creativewealthintl.org

Register at www.creativewealthintl.org/financial-education-teacher-training.php.