The Money Game Downloadable Version

The Money Game™ Financial Education Game
Imagine a financial education curriculum in the form of a fun, experiential game for kids and teens (and adults since most have never learned this critical life skill) where the players are the pieces. The Money Game™ is our proprietary financial education game where the PLAYERS are the pieces of the game…they get paid, they pay their expenses, they save their money to invest in assets, and then receive passive income for every asset they invest in…and those assets eventually bring them financial freedom!
Players learn that by investing in assets that pay them passive income, they can eventually work because they want to, not because they have to, AND have money left over to do more good in the world. Visit The Money Game™ website for more info.

*PDF version contains the pieces of the game in PDF form. Simply create the pieces, watch the videos, read the easy-to-follow instruction manual, and create financially responsible adults quicker than you can say, “I won the Money Game!