Moving Out for Teens Package

Welcome to Moving Out! for Teens Package.
As a parent of a teen, you need to ensure that your teenager is prepared to leave home when they are ready.
They must learn the information and skills needed to thrive living on their own. After all, all you want is that them to succeed in all aspects of life, including financial stability.
And if you’re a teacher of teens, you suspect that most teens probably aren’t learning ‘adult’ financial skills at home and want to help prepare them for their all-too-soon adult lives.
This is why we created Moving Out! for Teens…to help you teach them as much as you can so they at least have a clue about what real life looks like financially.
There are so many topics taught in our Moving Out program, it’s impossible to list but we’ll try:

Note: The Moving Out! for Teens Curriculum teaches many of the same financial lessons, as well as The Money Game™ (, as our Camp Millionaire® Curriculum with a LOT of additional lessons specifically designed for teens closer to adulthood.
The Curriculum requires (at this time) that you already have purchased our Camp Millionaire® Online Program so that you know the lessons, and understand how to play The Money Game™. The curriculum - that is not included in Camp Millionaire® - is not in full dialogue format so you will need to know the material to teach the lessons. This has been an easy program to add for coaches who are already experienced with Camp Millionaire®.