You know how you find certain people who help you more than anyone else ever has? Call him or her a coach or a mentor or just a friend. Well, Harlan Kilstein is one of those people to me.

Harlan Kilstein is a coach and in a few short months, I’ve learned a ton about business and marketing from him. Harlan loves to watch people improve their lives, their businesses and make a bigger impact on the world in whatever they do.

Who is this person for you? Is there someone in your life that you call for advice before everyone else? Is there someone who’s advice you respect above all else? When you know who this person is, reach out and say ‘thanks’ to this person.

Part of being wealthy is having a wealth of friends, mentors and coaches who help you bring your dreams to fruition. When you have several of these people, it’s a very grateful sort of thing.

Who are you grateful for today?