Your Instructional Videos for The Money Game

“If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…” from David Gates’ song, “IF”

We knew that in order for you to really understand how The Money Game is played, you were going to have to see it in action. So…we put together a small group of kids and ran them through six rounds (pay periods) of the game and a few other assorted activities.

A bit of trivia about Elisabeth and her slippers… (Elisabeth Donati is the owner of Creative Wealth International and creator of Camp Millionaire and The Money Game, among other things). In these instructional videos, you will notice that she has slippers on and we figured a few of you might be curious as to why. The first reason is that we want everyone to be comfortable with money! This means our camps are about learning to be real in life…not phony, fake or what other people think you should be.

The main reason, however, is that many years ago Elisabeth took an antibiotic called Cipro for short. It caused a condition called Peripheral Neuropathy which causes her feet to hurt when she stands. When this condition flairs up (which it did the day we taped the videos, of course), the only thing that is comfortable on her feet is…you guessed it, her slippers!

How to watch the videos:

Our suggestion is simply to start with the first one and proceed down the list and watch the videos all the way through once…it should take you about an hour. Just watch, listen, get a feel for the program. THEN, go watch the Money Game Teacher Training Videos.


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