Savings & Spending Plan (SSP) Activity Lesson

Let’s face it…without a handle on how much money is coming into our lives each month (from both earning and making money) and how much is going out (spent on living expenses), it’s hard to get a grip on having extra money in your life.

We’ve all experienced times when we thought we had more money than we did. WHAT? How did THAT happen? is usually our response…though we know inside what happened…


The term ‘budget’, however, has gotten a bad rap as of late. People see or hear the word and immediately think DIET and following that with RUN AWAY! So you see, we have a wee bit of a challenge teaching people what a fabulous rich tool a budget really is.

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Here’s a great Money Game Principle you can teach your students…

A Budget is a Tool to Reach Your Dreams

We also use that same verbiage here…

MONEY is a Tool to Reach Your Dreams

So, here’s a great and fun way to expose your participants to budgets. Have a great time!

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