Order Playbooks (Camp Millionaire Workbooks)

FInancial Education WorkbookFinancial Freedom Playbooks are required for every camper or student who attends a full Camp Millionaire camp/program either in a camp setting or school setting. The Playbooks may not be copied.

To order Financial Freedom Playbooks for your camps and programs, feel free to do it one of the following ways:

  • Order Playbooks online – $19.95 plus shipping. Please order AT LEAST TWO weeks before your event and take special consideration if your camp is near a holiday.
  • Call us at 805-957-1024 and place your order over the phone (our favorite because we get to talk to you and hear what you’ve got going on!).

To order Money Game supplies, go here: https://www.creativewealthintl.org/coach/order-money-game-supplies/

Thanks! We look forward to helping you empower our future generations with amazing financial savviness!