Welcome to Moving Out! for Teens

Moving Out for Teens

In order to use and teach the Moving Out! for Teens program, you have to have already purchased our Camp Millionaire Online Program first. This is because many of the activities that are done in Moving Out are from the Camp Millionaire program and because The Money Game is a foundational activity in Moving Out, as well.

Also, you must watch both of the Camp Millionaire and The Money Game Teacher Training Videos programs in order to learn and understand the activities as well as the critically necessary (and required) accelerated teaching techniques.

All of the materials for The Money Game and miscellaneous activities from Camp Millionaire that are used in Moving Out are available on the Camp Millionaire materials page.

If you have ANY question at all, large or small, silly or you’re just confused, please call us at 805-957-1024 or send us an email at info@creativewealthintl.org. We’re here to help!

Moving Out! for Teens Outlines

Cleck on the outlines to teft to download. Keep in mind, they aren’t that much different but we played around with them for a few years and also, feel free to play around with them yourself. We’re not attached to how you do this program, just that you DO do the program and get the teens you’re working with a foundation in self-reliance.

Please note that The Money Game is also a part of the Money Out! for Teens program so you’ll need to either create the pieces or get 10% off when you purchase the Ready-to-Play Version at www.winthemoneygame.com by using the coupon code “10percent” when you check out.

Moving Out! for Teens Playbooks

Here are the links to the two different Moving Out! for Teens Playbooks (workbooks).

One was used for the 3 day program, the other the 5 day program.

Suggestion: download both and see which one contains the lessons and such that you want.

Note: Keep in mind that we NEVER cover everything in any of our Playbooks. They were originally designed so that the kids had certain pages to work in for some lessons but primarily so that the parents could see what their children were learning and had a workbook to keep teaching them after our camp.

As mentioned in your welcome letter, have the playbooks created/printed as follows:

  • Print insides black and white, front page in color
  • Clear cover over first page with playbook title
  • Spiral bound
  • Text weight paper. You can do the front cover in card stock but it’s not really necessary.

Call us with questions at 805-957-1024 or contact us via email: info@creativewealthintl.org

Have fun and never hesitate to reach out!