Money Game Teacher Training Videos

The 20 Money Game Training Videos below are a result of a live 1-Day Money Game Teacher Training in Santa Barbara. We had a ton of fun that day teaching a group of teachers in Santa Barbara how to use The Money Game. In addition to the live teacher training, we originally filmed Elisabeth teaching a group of kids playing The Money Game. Most of the kids had a great time and we laughed so much that day. It was interesting trying to film the kids because, well, kids will be kids. This original set of instructional videos are the ones you need to get started teaching right away. They show you how to set up the game and jump right in. You’ll see Elisabeth actually teach The Money Game to the kids so you can see the game in action. (Makes it so much easier when you see it done in front of your eyes!) We recommend that you watch the original set first, however, which set of videos you watch first is up to you. If you haven’t watched the original videos yet and want to watch them first, here’s the original Money Game Instructional Videos for your viewing pleasure. Once you have a basic understanding of how The Money Game works from the first set of videos, you can start watching the Money Game Teacher Training videos below. They are divided into two groups: 1) The First Seven Rounds of Money Game Round. 2) The Accelerated Learning Techniques which teach you HOW to teach The Money Game. It’s important to watch all of the videos because it’s HOW we teach WHAT we teach that makes the real difference between a good session of The Money Game and a GREAT session of The Money Game! (Needless to say, this is also what has our program stand out from all the rest out there.) Enjoy!!! And remember, if there’s something you don’t understand, call us! 805-957-1024. We’re here!