The Money Game Materials

These materials include:

  • PDFs of all of the materials
  • Parts list
  • Instruction Manual

In other words, everything you need to create your own copy of The Money Game.

Note: please be mindful that this copy of The Money Game isn’t meant to be shared with a bunch of other users. Because we’ve made it so inexpensive, we’d appreciate it if you would purchase one copy for each teacher or instructor who will be using the game. Thank you for understanding.

Instruction Manual   Download
Game Materials Preparation     Download
Game Register Envelope     Download
Extra Registers   Download
Paycheck Money   Download
Passive Income     Download
Collect Passive Income Sign     Download
Event Cards   Download
Money Game Register – DiY     Download


Rent   Group Version Home Version
Car payment   Group Version Home Version
Living   Group Version Home Version
Credit Card Payment   Group Version Home Version
Education   Group Version Home Version
Play   Group Version Home Version
Donation   Group Version Home Version
Piddlyjunk   Group Version Home Version



Stock Market   Group Version Home Version
Business   Group Version Home Version
Real Estate   Group Version Home Version


Moola Download
Creative Wealth Principles Download
Tax Hat Labels   Download
Money Game Event Comment Form   Download



We use a song called “Saca boomboom” and you can watch the video here. Feel free to find the music and use it. The kids love it and so will you. OR use whatever upbeat piece of music you like. Just make sure you always use the same song!

However, if you want to use something else, feel free. Any piece of upbeat music works. It’s best to know your crowd. The important thing is that you MUST use the same piece of music for EVERY ROUND of the game. This is called ANCHOR MUSIC because it anchors the music to the rounds of the game and your players know what’s coming.


A. Flyers


B. Logos