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If you’re accessing this page, it’s because you’re a licensed Creative Wealth Coach and you need outlines, PDFs to print, or other Camp Millionaire or The Money Game ‘stuff’ to teach kids and teens about money.

This new site was created because the old one was accidentally deleted and you know, sometimes these kinds of boo-boos lead to making things better. We think this one did!

If we haven’t yet resigned up, and you’re a licensed coach, please send an email to Elisabeth and ask her to set you back up so you have access here to your usual page of information, files, etc. I’ll get back to you probably the same day but if you need something immediately, give me a call 805-957-1024 so I can help you asap.

We’re so grateful that you’re on the team! If you haven’t licensed our Camp Millionaire financial education curriculum for money camps or school, or purchases The Money Game for your group, please check them out.

The 3 Keys to Raising Money Savvy Adults

How to give your kids the "wealth rules" they need to grow up happy, healhty, wealthy and wise.

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