We’ve all heard this saying…

You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression

But what does it have to do with money and wealth? Plenty!

We constantly make judgments about people relative to how much money we think they have or don’t have when in actuality, the type of person they are often has nothing to do with their financial situation.

This activity helps your participants begin to see how many judgment they are making all of the time about people around them and helps them understand, from the person being judged’s point of view, how that feels. Kids, teens and adults alike seem to really understand and GET this activity.

A side note not mentioned in the actual lesson…if you’re willing to work with them on a very personal level, you can point out that the person in our lives that we usually judge the harshest is ourselves. Feel free to do a process with older teens and adults which might include a written exercise where they write down their harshest personal judgments and then share them with a partner. A group share is best for adults however.

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