I have often heard it said that “Repetition is the mother of skill.” This quote is often attributed to Anthony Robbins but I’m sure it’s been said by several others. The point is, we learn things best by doing them, or saying them, over and over again.

T. Harv Eker often says in his personal growth seminars, “When I say something, it’s one thing, but when YOU say something, it’s EVERYTHING.” In other words, when it comes out of our own mouth, we take ownership of the information, opinion, choice, etc. more so than we do when we just agree with someone else saying it.

So, imagine that we want our Money Game participants to remember the following financial principles, aka rules to The Money Game:

Financial Freedom is Your Choice

Assets Feed You, Liabilities Eat You.Save Early Save Often

and my all time favorite…

Pay Yourself First

Don’t you think your participants/students might learn the principles quicker and easier, and remember them longer, if they go over them many times in your programs? They will! And we have a couple of activities that will help you help them remember these important financial principles for the rest of their lives.