Accelerated Learning Makes Any Educational Lesson Amazing!

Welcome to the amazing world of Accelerated Learning (aka accelerated teaching)!

Take the most boring curriculum lesson you’ve ever read, add a few of these powerful teaching techniques and bam! you have a lesson that will be not just fun to teach but so more more effective in terms of your students actually learning and remembering the lesson.

These techniques are powerful. AND we highly recommend that you explain to your students (any age, including adults) what you are doing to they are aware of why you’re asking them to do seemingly silly things. Once they are onboard with the idea that this is a lot more fun to participate in as well as the way they will learn the information the first time…without having to study…most will participate.

Do not worry about the few who don’t. They will either learn it their own way or have to learn it again later.

It’s important to watch all of the videos because it’s HOW we teach WHAT we teach that makes the real difference and, needless to say, this is also what has our program stand out from all the rest out there and is what will make YOUR programs successful!

Enjoy!!! And remember, if there’s something you don’t understand, call us! 805-957-1024. We’re here!

Please download The Money Game Teacher Training Workbook and
print it out before you start watching the videos so you can take lots of notes!

Your Accelerated Teaching Technique Videos

Class Introductions

Know Your Audience – Part 1

Know Your Audience – Part 2

Enrolling Questions

Ask Don’t Tell


Context vs Content

Flip Charts Are Your Friends

Callbacks, Suggest(ology) and Fill in the Blank

State Changes

Experience Before Content

Music Makes Your Program



Remember, the only way to get good at these techniques is to practice them, over and over again with your students and your own kids. 

Once you get the techniques into your body, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you pull them right back up every time you teach! Have fun and get out there and change some lives!