To have a positive effect on the women who attend our programs by providing gender-based financial education programs in a playful, mind-blowing, life-altering, engaging manner.

We will do this by…

Making this information available using both online platforms like webinars, videos, articles and the like and with live-streaming and in-person financial education events.

celebrateAnd the most amazing part is that it…

Won’t matter whether or not a woman can afford to participate or take one of our programs…there will always be a way that she can join us and get the information she needs to improve her life.

Bottom line, we don’t want money to stand in the way of women learning about money. Period.

As you might expect, our workshops are on hold for the time being. Please check back or sign up for the ebook on the right to become notified when we will start up our programs again. 

Until then…be safe, happy, healthy and kind to yourself and others. 

27 Most Common Financial Mistakes Women Make

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