Welcome to Camp Millionaire...a world where financial education, fun and effectiveness come together to create financially savvy adults.

Camp Millionaire can be used as a financial education curriculum in schools or as a summer financial literacy camp program.

Camp Millionaire is a great school financial education curriculum for ages 10 and up. Kids love learning about money in a fun, experiential environment. Who wouldn’t love it?

Camp Millionaire began as a 5-day summer financial education camp in Santa Barbara. It didn’t take long before others wanted to host their own Camp Millionaire programs.

Whether you’re looking for a unique and highly effective financial education program for school or summer camp, Camp Millionaire is the perfect solution! Read on… 

Why Money Camps?

The fact is that most of us never learned about money or investing when we were younger and we wished we had.

Most kids quickly grow into adults who don’t know how to budget, spend wisely or invest for the long term…and if you are anything like us, you just don’t understand why financial education isn’t more of a priority in this, and other, countries.

Parents tell us all the time that they still don’t have a clue how to manage their money and have only learned by making a lot of mistakes. Often, we’ve learned about money learned from too many painful mistakes and we suspect you don’t want your children to experience the same thing.

Parents understand the importance of their children learning about money before they leave home instead of having to learn the hard way after they move out.

If you don’t want YOUR children to have to learn about money the hard way…let us help!

Camp Millionaire helps by laying a foundation of smart, time-tested financial beliefs, financial habits and financial information to make sure your kids or students don’t have to grow up wishing they’d learned about money when they were young!

You can use our Camp Millionaire program:

  • As a school financial education curriculum, over a period of days or weeks (example: 1 hour for 12-16 weeks)
  • As a stand-alone Camp Millionaire financial education camp during summer or other break time
  • As a shorter format financial education program Inside an existing camp program (as a specialty topic)
  • As a youth group program for a nonprofit youth organization or church group
  • As a home-school group program who sees the ‘value’ of teaching their children about money.
  • Anywhere there are kids who need to learn about money!

We want to change the paradigm around money in many different ways:

  • How and what we learn about money and wealth creation
  • How we think about money and wealth creation
  • How we talk about money and wealth creation
  • What we believe about money and wealth creation
  • How we pass on this information to the next generation

If you’re an adult, chances are you’d be closer to your financial goals if you had learned how to manage your money and invest it wisely when you were young. If you’re nodding your head at this point, you’re not alone. Virtually every single adult we’ve talked to in our financial education journey says one of these two things…

“I wish someone had taught me about money when I was young!”


“Do you have programs for adults?”

What Students Learn in Camp Millionaire

Students learn how to make, manage, multiply and donate their money wisely using the following 30 Creative Wealth Principles (Rules to the Money Game). The students/campers are exposed to all 30 Principles in every program, however, the length of the program determines how in-depth we go into each topic.

Financial Principle

Financial freedom is your choice.
You are the CEO of your life; financial freedom is your responsibility.
Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes determine your wealth potential.
Being broke is a temporary financial condition, being poor is a state of mind.
See it, say it, write it down.
Life is an adventure; let passion be your guide.
To be financially successful, learn the language of money.
Money is a tool to reach your dream.
Money buys you stuff, not happiness.
Make money grow by putting it to work for you.
Pay yourself first.
To create financial freedom, invest the energy of money wisely.
People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.
It’s not how much money you make that’s important, it’s how much you keep.
If you can’t afford it in cash, you can’t afford it at all.
Save early, save often.
Financial success comes from managing risk, not avoiding it.
Interest is only interesting when you’re receiving it.
Don’t put all your financial eggs into one basket.
Invest with your head, not your heart.
Assets feed you, liabilities eat you.
It is better to tell your money where to go than to ask where it went.
Only borrow money when it’s going to make you money.
If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.
Creating Financial Freedom is simply a matter of developing the right habits.
Make more money than you spend and spend less money than you make.
Your money habits always add up in the end.
Helping others is helping yourself.
Leverage turns an ounce of effort into a ton of results.
Earning money creates an income; making money creates a life.

General Topic

Personal responsibility
Belief systems, stereotypes, judgments
Belief systems
Achieving Ones’ Goals
Follow your heart
Financial vocabulary
Defining money
Defining money
Most important money habit
Goals and dreams
Avoiding bad debt
Interest – simple and compound
Diversification/asset allocation
Financial education
Assets and liabilities
Budgets and financial habits
Credit, debt, credit and debit cards
Goal setting
Importance of good money habits
Money mindset
Money habits
Donating and doing good in the world
Business, investing
Earning money vs. making money

“Thank you for giving me the tools to achieve my dream. I love teaching financial literacy. I would not have won the National Financial Award without your help or been asked by school districts to teach it. I have over 40 businesses supporting my company in Edmonds because of you. I had three families fly across the country to attend my camp. I carried my kid in my back pack door to door because financial literacy is my dream. You made it a reality for me. I hope you know how many people you have touched!” ~Kasey Hill in Edmonds, WA.

Camp Millionaire gives kids the financial education foundation they need to meet and exceed their financial goals when they grow up.

All of our financial education programs are organic in nature which means that each camp or presentation of the curriculum will be a difference experience because the students help create the program with the beliefs, prexissting knowledge and specific questions they bring into the programs.

Our custom financial education programs are custom-designed for the required time period and audience.

Some questions for you…

  • Do you want your kids or students to be excited about learning how to manage and invest their money?
  • Do you want them to understand the value of a buck, specifically yours if you’re a parent?
  • Do you want them to learn what it takes to experience the best that life has to offer?
  • With Camp Millionaire, kids and students learn the critical financial habits, beliefs, information, principles and concepts they need to grow into financially responsible adults.

This is a short video of our campers learning how to create an SSP (Savings & Spending Plan, also known as a budget).

All of our programs feature our proprietary financial education game, The Money Game.

Using The Money Game, kids or students learn about money by DOING money. They work for a $1000 paycheck, get paid, pay their expenses, learn how to pay themselves first and then learn how to buy assets that then pay them passive income.

Once they start earning passive income in addition to their paychecks, a huge ah-ha lightbulb goes off in their brains.

This is when they realize that investing in assets is how they become financially free AND how they get to go out in the world and do a whole lot of good!

Using the Camp Millionaire Curriculum and The Money Game, kids and teens learn the following:

The Secrets of Savings
The Basics of Budgeting
The Dangers of Debt
The Ins & Outs of Investing
The Goodness of Giving

And SO much more!

“This is such an exciting program and I cannot wait to get back to my classroom. Financial Freedom is something that kids can take with them forever. The Money Game prepares kids and adults for the rest of their lives.”    ~ James, High School Teacher

Our programs are unique and highly effective for many reasons:

    • We use accelerated teaching techniques that turn complicated financial concepts and ideas into understandable chunks of information by engaging their ears, eyes, AND bodies.
    • Using a variety of games (including The Money Game), role-playing, activities, and other fun processes, your kids and students are never bored. They walk out of our program and camps with confidence and knowledge about the wonderful world of money that most adults wish they had.
    • We hold each child as perfect in their own being and empower them with the belief that they are fully in charge of creating their own lives now and in the future – and that includes how much money they want to have when they grow up.

    • We teach basic, time-tested personal money management skills and 30 wealth creation principles and we do it with a twist…we make it fun and memorable!
    • We bring you, the parent or guardian, in on the process by inviting kids to ask you certain questions every night after camp. This helps open up the lines of communication with regard to money for the whole family. We also include the parents at the end of each day of our summer camp programs.
    • We help our campers and students understand that they can do a whole lot of good in the world when they have more money coming in than going out. Just one more piece of inspiration to learn about money!

“I was remembering last summer and how much fun the boys had at camp. Thank you, again! The valuable knowledge they learned about money is something I see them using almost everyday. I am so relieved they won’t fall into the same traps I did. I also love how attending your camp has opened up our communication with them about money. I’m anxious to see how they will continue to use their money knowledge as they grow. I know they will both be very successful! With Gratitude!”        ~ Teresa – mom from San Luis Obispo, CA

Short video of campers learning our 30 Creative Wealth Principles in “The Money Cow Game”. We laugh so hard our faces hurt.

So…what will my kids learn in Camp Millionaire? At the very least, children develop a heightened awareness of the financial world around them. Just a short list of what kids learn…

  • How to make money (jobs and businesses).
  • How to manage their money (budgets).
  • How to multiply their money (investing in businesses, real estate and the stock market).
  • How to think like, and act like, a person who values financial freedom over stuff.
  • When to use other people’s money and when NOT to!
  • How money can be used to give back and help their communities.
  • And so much about life we can’t begin to tell you.

Camp Millionaire is based on simple money management and wealth creation principles:

  • Financial freedom is your choice.
  • Make money work by putting it to work for you.
  • Money is a tool to reach your dream…
  • Life is an adventure; let passion be your guide.
  • You are the CEO of your own life.
  • Pay yourself first.
  • Save early, save often, and invest wisely.
  • It’s not how much money you make that’s important, it’s how much you keep.
  • Interest is only interesting when YOU are receiving it.
  • Only borrow money when it’s going to make you money.
  • See the entire 30 colorful wealth principles here.

Notes about our summer money camp schedule:

  • 5-day camps run from 9:00-3:30/4:00 pm each day.
  • 2-day camps run from 9:00-5:00 each day.
  • We take several breaks and a lunch break.
  • We move around A LOT and the campers are NEVER bored.
  • Camps feature fun activities, games, contests, rebates, speakers, and fun and educational projects.

Will my kids have a good time? YES! And WE have a great time teaching it.

Camp Millionaire uses a multi-sensorial (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) teaching technique known as accelerated learning to keep your kids and students engaged throughout the entire camp:

  • Making it relevant: Your kids may not care about checkbooks and credit cards yet because they don’t have to use them. We show them why it’s important to care now so they don’t “pay” later.
  • Experience before content: Nearly every major concept is tied to a game, activity or process, which means your child gets to learn about the concept without even knowing it.
  • Repetition and review: A wise man once said, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” Kids and students will be exposed to the most important information multiple times in a variety of different ways so the information really sticks

Our goal is to have Camp Millionaire financial literacy camps all over the world!

First Money Camp

From our humble beginnings, our program and mission has spread across the United States and even gone international!

Our very first Money Camp for Kids (now Camp Millionaire) was held in 2002 in a tiny room at the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Barbara with 39 kids.

Since then, our programs have taught over 10,000 kids, teens, and adults how to choose financial freedom and develop the beliefs and habits to make it happen.

Camp Millionaire Testimonials

Get Camp Millionaire or The Money Game for your class or group today. 

You can use both financial education curriculums for …

        • Money camps
        • Financial education component within another camp or youth group program
        • Classroom financial literacy education program
        • Family reunion programs
        • Seminar programs for kids and teens (and families)
        • Anywhere you have a group of kids or teens (or adults), ages 10 and up

(Note: The Camp Millionaire Curriculum includes The Money Game Downloadable Version.)

If you’re looking for a shorter program (3-10 hours), check out our proprietary financial education game, The Money Game. The Money Game includes our highly effective, fun and engaging curriculum, training videos and tons of support information.

And finally, if you want to learn how to use accelerated teaching techniques in your own financial literacy programs, check out Financial Literacy Online Accelerated Teaching Videos (5th one from the top).

We can’t wait to help you start making a difference!