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Camp Millionaire...a highly unique and effective financial literacy education curriculum that's not just's effective beyond belief!

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Camp Millionaire Curriculum & Teacher Training

We all know that financial literacy shouldn’t be left to chance…it needs to be taught in every school for several years in a row in order for students to really grasp it well enough to take it into adulthood and utilize it!

One of the most interesting questions we get from school administrators is, “What grade do you think we should teach financial literacy in?” Our answer? “ALL of them!” After all, there’s a reason students study math, reading and writing in every grade level…so they’re really learning it and will be proficient as adults.

While offering a bit of instruction about money and investing is great, offering it several years in a row is far more effective. Financial education is no different than as math, reading or writing…kids must study and practice with it for years in order to truly understand how money works in our society and be able to use it effectively in their own lives.

We have some GREAT news, however! Using Camp Millionaire for just one semester or over the course of a school year CAN, and often does affect a student in such a profound way that is DOES follow them into adulthood!

Earlier is Better

We must teach kids about money early in life so they can develop a healthy relationship with it and know how to use it wisely as adults. They have to have a chance to practice with money. If we wait, kids end up learning about money like most adults have…the hard way.

Camp Millionaire works great for ages 10 and up. We suggest 5th or 6th grade to start with, however, the program works great in 11th and 12th grade as well. Please don’t let your kids leave high school without at least having gone through one financial education program. It’s that important to their overall well-being.

The Financial Literacy Challenge

It is our experience that most of the financial literacy programs on the market, regardless of whether they are free or paid, are flat out boring and don’t teach kids and teens the financial habits, principles, concepts, language, and beliefs they need to grow up and create true financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Camp Millionaire changes all that. Finally, students learn by having fun and they learn the stuff they NEED to learn, not what some banker or credit card company thought they should learn.

Elisabeth Donati and Larry Stein, the original creators of Camp Millionaire (originally The Money Camp for Kids) spent close to a year creating the content of the first program. The kept asking this question of each other and any adult they could…

“What do you wish you’d learned about money and investing as a youth that would have made a tremendous difference in your financial situation as an adult and the age at which you could have experienced financial freedom?”

The Camp Millionaire curriculum and camps were shaped, and continue to be shaped, by the answers to that one question!

What exactly is financial freedom you ask? Great question!

At Creative Wealth International, we focus on creating Financial Freedom. Let us explain…

Financial freedom is when “the passive income from your investments in assets like a business, real estate and the stock market is greater than the expenses of your chosen lifestyle.” In the world of Camp Millionaire, THIS is when you Win The Money Game.

Financial freedom isn’t the same as retirement which most people associate with a certain age. Financial freedom can happen at any age!

Financial freedom isn’t an age or a year…it’s a financial state of being. And sadly, it’s a state that too few people get to experience…AND it doesn’t need to be this way.

Camp Millionaire and The Money Game were created by Elisabeth Donati after she learned what it really took to create financial freedom for herself and realized that most of the important aspects of what she learned are rarely taught in school using those other financial literacy programs.

FACT: you probably already know that only a very small percentage of our high school students are exposed to truly useful financial literacy education. As mentioned above, they may learn how to balance a checkbook, set up a simple budget and how to evaluate wants versus needs but they don’t learn the important stuff!

Learning these basic financial skills is a great start but most financial literacy programs leave out the most important piece: how to develop passive income streams so that you can eventually stop trading your time and energy for money, i.e., how to invest early so you can create financial freedom early.

make money grow by putting it to work for youWe call this concept MAKING money versus EARNING money and the financial principle we teach about this topic is, “Make money grow by putting it to work for you.”

There are 30 time-tested financial principles included in the program that students are exposed to and they actually remember them because of several activities in the program.

The Creative Wealth Difference

Most financial programs are focused on saving or accumulating money for retirement, but Camp Millionaire and The Money Game teach a different financial paradigm.

Students learn how to invest today to build constant and consistent cash flow for the NEAR future so they can be financially free sooner, rather than later.

But let us make a clear distinction here. We do not focus on making tons of money…this is not the undercurrent of our programs. We stress and teach through various games and activities, the importance of donations, philanthropy, giving back, doing good, and more. One of the glorious benefits of creating passive income streams is that you have more money to do good with!

It’s about how to create financial security that works with each student’s definitions of what a great life looks like. We talk a lot about dreams and intentions, passions and purposes. And more than anything, we teach kids that ‘money is just a tool to reach your dreams and help others reach theirs.’

In the Camp Millionaire financial education curriculum, you’ll find everything you’d expect in a financial literacy program, and a whole lot more. Our goal is to invite kids and teens (and the adults who love and care for them) to think differently about money and creating wealth in their lives.

This means kids and teens…

  • Explore and learn why and how wealthy people ‘think’ differently about money and wealth. It’s interesting how just the simple word, ‘millionaire,’ can have immediate positive or negative reactions from people depending on what they make the word mean. In truth, it describes a person who has a net worth (what they own minus what they owe) of at least a million dollars and in this day and age, anyone wishing to retire comfortably (not work at all for money), has to have at least a million dollars in investments.
  • Learn the critical difference between making money and earning money. Here’s a hint…most people prefer making money once they understand the difference.
  • Learn the different ways they can bring money into their lives: as an employee, self-employed, business owner and as an investor. As kids explore Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, they begin to see beyond the standard ‘gotta get a job’ mentality and a whole new world opens up for them in terms of making and earning money.
  • Learn the time-honored financial management and wealth creation principles used by all financially free people…30 financial education principles that help kids understand what it really takes to grow into a financially responsible adult.

Camp Millionaire is amazingly powerful, effective and fun for all. The program keeps the students engaged and teachers love teaching it.

Why teach financial education in schools?

Because most adults don’t learn about money at home. Why not? There are several reasons for this…

  • Parents can’t teach what they don’t know.
  • Parents don’t want to ‘bother’ their children with the topic of money.
  • Parents are embarrassed by their lack of knowledge and/or lack of financial knowledge.
  • Parents were taught as children that it’s not OK to talk about money.
  • Parents feel that the topic should be taught at school (WE AGREE!)

Parents tell us all the time that they still don’t have a clue how to manage their money and have only learned by making a lot of mistakes. No one wants someone else to learn by going through a lot of pain and stress!

Every adult we’re personally ever talked to understands the importance of children learning about money before they leave home so they stay out of debt, are able to manage their money wisely and use it to create an incredible life filled with experiences and joy.

Camp Millionaire gives you the resources you need to teach your students about money and investing so they’re empowered to take good care of themselves and their families and communities as adults. That’s something to smile about at the end of the school year!

You can use our Camp Millionaire program:

  • As a school financial education curriculum, over a period of days or weeks (example: 1 hour for 12-16 weeks).
  • As a stand-alone Camp Millionaire financial education camp during summer or other break time.
  • As a shorter format financial education program inside an existing camp program (as a specialty topic).
  • As a youth group program for a for-profit or nonprofit youth organization or church group
  • As a home-school group program where families meet to team teach.
  • Anywhere there are kids who need to learn about money!

Camp Millionaire changes the paradigm around money in the following ways:

  • How and what we learn about money and wealth creation
  • How we think about money and wealth creation
  • How we talk about money and wealth creation
  • What we believe about money and wealth creation
  • How we pass on this information to the next generation

“Thank you for giving me the tools to achieve my dream. I love teaching financial literacy. I would not have won the National Financial Award without your help or been asked by school districts to teach it. I have over 40 businesses supporting my company in Edmonds because of you. I had three families fly across the country to attend my camp. I carried my kid in my back pack door to door because financial literacy is my dream. You made it a reality for me. I hope you know how many people you have touched!” ~Kasey Hill in Edmonds, WA.

What Students Learn in Camp Millionaire

Camp Millionaire is not your normal, boring financial education curriculum. It is anything but…

In the simplest terms, students learn how to earn and make, manage, multiply and donate their money wisely using our thirty (30) Creative Wealth Principles, aka, Rules to the Money Game.

The students are exposed to all 30 Principles in every program, however, the length of the program determines how in-depth we go into each topic. The longer the program, the more they learn.

At the very least, children develop a heightened awareness of the financial world around them. 

Here is just a short list of what your students will know after they’ve gone through Camp Millionaire:

  • Why some people are successful with money and others aren’t. 
  • How ANYONE can be financially free.
  • How to shake hands, introduce yourself, make a great first impression.
  • They learn about agreements, why they are so important in life and how to change them if needed.
  • How to look at money as a tool to reach your dreams rather than a substance that defines you.
  • The many ways adults make earn and make money (jobs and businesses).
  • How to manage their money by creating and using budgets.
  • How most adults invest (multiple) their money (investing in businesses, real estate and the stock market).
  • Credit and debt. When to use it and when not to.
  • The dangers of credit cards.
  • How to think like, and act like, a person who values financial freedom over stuff.
  • When to use other people’s money and when NOT to!
  • How money can be used to give back and help their communities.
  • They learn the power of The Three Pillars of Wealth…business, real estate and the stock market.
  • Why passive income is the key to creating financial freedom.
  • Investing strategies used by virtually all financially free people.
  • They will understand why it’s important to establish certain financial habits, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes while they are young.
  • And so much more about money and life we can’t begin to tell you.

Bottom line: Camp Millionaire exposes children and teens to the amazing world of money and investing that every adult we’ve ever talked to wished they’d been exposed to!

(SSSHHHH…wanna know a secret? Most teachers tell us they actually learn a TON from our program as well!)

Camp Millionaire is based on simple money management and wealth creation principles that wealthy people have been using since the beginning of time:

  • Financial freedom is your choice.
  • Make money work by putting it to work for you.
  • Money is a tool to reach your dream…
  • Life is an adventure; let passion be your guide.
  • You are the CEO of your own life.
  • Pay yourself first.
  • Save early, save often, and invest wisely.
  • It’s not how much money you make that’s important, it’s how much you keep.
  • Interest is only interesting when YOU are receiving it.
  • Only borrow money when it’s going to make you money.
  • See the entire 30 powerful wealth principles here.

Camp Millionaire gives students a solid financial education foundation

All of our financial education programs are organic in nature which means that each camp or presentation of the curriculum will be a different experience because the students help create the program with the beliefs, preexisting knowledge and specific questions they bring into the programs.

Watch this short video of students learning how to create a budget, aka an SSP (Savings & Spending Plan).

Camp Millionaire includes our proprietary financial education game, The Money Game.

Using The Money Game, students learn about money by DOING money. They work for a $1000 paycheck, get paid, pay their expenses, learn how to pay themselves first and then learn how to buy assets that then pay them passive income. Once they start earning passive income in addition to their paychecks, a huge ah-ha lightbulb goes off in their brains.

This is when they realize that investing in assets is how they become financially free AND how they get to go out in the world and do a whole lot of good!

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to experience The Money Camp and Camp Millionaire. I have been doing personal development seminars since I was 14 years old, but I have never had so much fun. I am passionate about creating safe spaces for children to learn, grow and express themselves in ways that empower them. 

The past two years of learning about theory and current and current education institutions and policies, I was discouraged about ever making an impact for the kids. My purpose has been revived and I am looking forward to spending the summer and beyond with you and the team teaching kids about money!” ~ S. Chaidez

How our Camp Millionaire Curriculum is unique and highly effective…

Will my student have a good time?

YES! And you’ll have a great time teaching it.  Your students won’t get bored (OK, some of them will ALWAYS be bored…we can’t help you with those students but who knows). Using a variety of games (including The Money Game), role-playing, activities, and other fun processes, your students are engaged most of the time. 

When you finish teaching Camp Millionaire, students have a sense of confidence and knowledge about the wonderful world of money that most adults wish they had.

Why is Camp Millionaire so effective?

Camp Millionaire is taught using accelerated teaching techniques that turn simple and complex financial concepts into understandable chunks of information by engaging their ears, eyes, AND bodies. Accelerated teaching is a multi-sensorial (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) approach to education that keeps students engaged.

Camp Millionaire helps make learning about money relevant. Your students may not care about checkbooks and credit cards yet because they don’t have to use them. You’ll show them why it’s important to care now so they don’t “pay” later.

One of our favorite aspects of accelerated teaching is ‘Experience before Content.’  Nearly every major financial concept in Camp Millionaire is tied to a game, activity or process, which means your students get to learn about the concept without even knowing it.

Repetition and review are built into Camp Millionaire.  A wise man once said, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” Kids and students will be exposed to the most important information multiple times in a variety of different ways so the information really sticks

We hold each student as perfect in their own being and empower them with the belief that they are 100% responsible for creating their own lives now and in the future – and that includes how much money they want to have when they grow up and what they wish to do with it.

Making it a family learning environment

We bring the parents (or guardians), in on the process by inviting students to ask certain questions every night as wealth work (not homework). This starts to open up the lines of communication with regard to money for the whole family. 

Camp Millionaire makes it easy to show your students how they can do a whole lot of good in the world when they have more money coming in than going out. Just one more piece of inspiration to learn about money!

“I encourage anyone who feels that our society needs to completely change the way kids learn about money, to attend a Camp Millionaire Teacher Training or send a child to Camp Millionaire. The teacher training was one of the most enlightening programs I have ever attended – and we learned SO much more than how to teach about money! Great Job!” ~ Susan Dupont

Camp Millionaire Testimonials

Camp Millionaire Curriculum and Teacher Training Program include:

Note: all curriculum materials and training videos are accessed online. 

Camp Millionaire Teacher Training Videos

Online training program (20 DVDs) of our live Teacher Training, actual Camp Millionaire footage and several bonus audios we know you’ll enjoy watching.

(Value – $1295.00)

Camp Millionaire Curriculum Binder

Everything from outlines and actual dialogue to planning, resources and more.

Note: Printed version of Curriculum Binder and Financial Playbook available as upgrade.

Summary of Financial Education Standards here. 

The Money Game®

  • Includes PDF Downloadable Kit (Value – $149)
  • $30 discount off the Ready-to-Play Version
  • Online Money Game Teacher Training Program

For detailed information, visit

Financial Freedom Playbook – Instructor copy

The playful workbook we use in our full one-week Camp Millionaire programs.

Note: Purchase Playbooks for your full programs by calling 805-957-1024 or sending in this convenient order form.

Camp Millionaire Coach Portal

Your Creative Wealth Coach Portal contains…


  • All of the program materials. Everything you need to download and create perfect Camp Millionaire and Money Game programs/events.
  • Program outlines
  • Training videos
  • Planning guides and example budgets
  • Marketing flyers, press releases, etc.
  • Basically, everything you need to put on short to long camps/programs and/or teach the curriculum in your classroom.

Creative Wealth Team Support

As one of our Creative Wealth Coaches, aka Financial Literacy Teacher Extraordinaire, you have access to the following:

  • Unlimited support to help you every step of the way whenever you need us (we actually answer the phone!)
  • Personal Web page on CWI site if desired and web links to your financial literacy website.
  • Templates for Business Cards, Brochures/Flyers.
  • Marketing materials (press releases, articles, presentations).
  • Help customizing our program to your student demographic, customers, clients, etc.
  • Private Facebook Group


By Elisabeth Donati

This short ebook explains the 3 simple things parents can do to make sure their kids grow into financially responsible adults.

Value: Priceless!


By Elisabeth Donati

Most people think their money has but one job…to spend. If, however, you start to think of your money having many jobs, you’ll learn how to make sure you always have the money you need and want to live your life.

Value: $9.95

By Elisabeth Donati

This book is for parents and explains exactly how to teach your kids how to play, and win, their own money game.

Value: 14.95

COST: Only $695 per teacher/instructor
(Multiple school/teacher discounts available – please call)

Note: Immediate Access to Program


Note: The Camp Millionaire Curriculum and Teacher Training Program is only available in the US. Use outside of the US requires an international licensing agreement. If you are outside of the US and would like to use Camp Millionaire, please contact us via email or phone.

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If you’re looking for a shorter program (3-10 hours), check out our proprietary financial education game, The Money Game. The Money Game includes our highly effective, fun and engaging curriculum, training videos and tons of support information.

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