Witticisms from the Old Folk that Still Ring True

Today, I was sitting on my decking enjoying the bright Santa Barbara sunshine, sipping a cold glass of one of my favorite herbal teas, and thinking about Camp Millionaire and how we try to make it a fun experience for our campers.  (By the way, I think we all do a pretty good job of that.)  Most of us, as coaches, get that people like learning best when it doesn’t seem to be hard.

If only the books that are written on the subject of money approached it differently—made it fun, simple to read and easy to understand, perhaps more people would be willing to learn. Then I thought about a book by one of our fellow Camp Millionaire coaches, Patricia Davis.  It’s clear from reading her book, Mimi, Money and Me: 101 Realities About Money Daddy Never Taught Me but Mama Always Knew, that she got the message.

“Learn to paddle your own canoe.”  “Every tub’s got to stand on its own bottom.”

Sound like teachings from your mother or grandmother?  That’s exactly what these are.  They and more “Mimiisms” are some of the lessons on life and on money that are talked about in Davis’ book–one that I think most of us, as well as many of our campers, could get a lot out of.  It’s a lighthearted book that is chocked full of good, solid information about the rules of the game of money.  Mimi was her Mother, a young widow with five children who was determined they would be ok financially, but things were going to be done her way!

As you can tell from some of the stories Davis tells in the book, Mimi was tough, “took no prisoners,” and was determined to teach her children life and money lessons.  Oh, if only we could get more of our parents to feel that same sense of responsibility.

More “allowance” because you’d spent all of yours?  Ha!  According to Davis, it wasn’t happening!  Says Mimi, “You knew when you got that money, how long it would be before you got some more.  If you’ve spent all of yours, too bad.  You get no more!”  “Every now and then,” Davis says, “she might make you a loan.  But, next allowance day, “Judge Mimi” took hers off the top; she didn’t wait to be repaid!”  (Mimi-ism: A loan is a loan; it is not a gift!)

I had the pleasure of reading this book before it was published.  In my comments (which are actually included in the book), I describe it as a “…refreshing approach to helping people understand some of the little things about money that can cause them BIG financial headaches.”  I go on to say that “…Davis’ book helps you make sure your reality is always based on the right information.”  Even I learned a few things from reading it.

The book is full of stories, money management myths, realities, and sayings that Davis calls Mimi-isms that are at the beginning of each chapter.  It covers the waterfront with chapters on budgeting, banking, credit, estate planning, retirement and more.  Chapters may be used selectively depending upon the age of your target population.

I strongly recommend Davis’ book.  She’s even offering a “deal” to coaches who want to purchase copies for their programs.  The book lists for $19.95, but she will sell it to Camp Millionaire coaches for only$12.50 per copy, if you buy at least 10 copies.  If you’re interested, e-mail her directly at davisfinancial373@msn.com.  In the subject line, write “Camp Millionaire Coach.”

Happy reading!   Elisabeth