Great Financial Literacy Articles for the Entire Family

“An investment in education always pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

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Financial Literacy Articles for Parents
Yes…Earning Money And Making Money Are Different by Elisabeth Donati
The Three Keys of Raising Money Savvy Kids by Elisabeth Donati
Why Allowances Work by Elisabeth Donati
Three Reasons to Give Your Child an Allowance by Elisabeth Donati
Let Financial Freedom Ring by Elisabeth Donati
12 Great Financial Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms by Laura D. Irwin
Top 10 Financial Planning Tips for Having a Baby by Laura D. Irwin and Kent E. Irwin
How to Teach your Kids to be Millionaires by Sam X Renick
Compound Interest vs. Compound Growth by Elisabeth Donati
Financial Ups and Down: Where Do We Go From Here by Elisabeth Donati
Bailout Fails – Market Comment by John Buerger, CFP®
Money Games for Kids by Elisabeth Donati
Allowances and Holiday Gift-Giving by Elisabeth Donati
ADKAR: Five Steps to Having the Life You Want by Elisabeth Donati
Kids and Goal Setting: Soccer Anyone by Elisabeth Donati
6 Tips to Raising a Millionaire by Elisabeth Donati
Financial Freedom and Finding One’s Purpose by Elisabeth Donati
Make Learning About Money Your Child’s Idea by Elisabeth Donati
Teaching Your Kids the Power of Gratitude by Elisabeth Donati
Mentoring a Child Changes Their Life, and Yours by Elisabeth Donati
The Good News, and Bad, About Money and Young People by Elisabeth Donati
The School of Hard Knocks Motley Fool by Ellen Bowman
Allowances and Alternatives University of Minnesota
Five Rules for Setting Kids’ Allowances, Market Watch
Should Your Kids Get an Allowance, MSN Money
Teaching Children Money Habits for Life, University of Minnesota
Everything You Know About Kids and Money is Wrong, CNN Money
4 Fiscal Lessons You Need to Teach Your Kids,
Teaching Your Kids to be Money-Savvy,
Teaching Children How to Manage Their Money,
9 Tips for Raising Money-Smart Children,
How to Teach Your Kids the Value of a Dollar, MSNBC
The Truth About Teens and Credit Cards by Dave Ramsey
How to teach your kids to be millionaires by Sam X Renick
The truth about credit card debt
Kids and Credit Cards by Elisabeth Donati
A Collection of Fascinating Stats on Financial Literacy
Talking to Your Kids About The Economic Crisis by Elisabeth Donati
Goal Setting: Soccer Anyone? by Elisabeth Donati
Summer and Lemonade Stands: Entrepreneurship 101 by Elisabeth Donati
Financial Articles for Adults/Couples
Financial Bliss for Couples: Creative it with Systems and Strategies by Elisabeth Donati
8 Easy Ways to get Along Better Over the Holidays
Breaking the Financial Acronym Code (B.F.A.C)
Some good advice on wallet and credit card theft
Where does it hurt? Right in the Assets! by John Howe
Five Reasons to Have an IRA
Identify Theft Must Dos!
Where Does Real Money Come From? by Brad Stark, MS, CFP, CMFC, AAMS
Personal Information Safety Tips by an Attorney
What Thoughts are YOU Following by Elisabeth Donati
Legal Separation From All Things Not Life-Related by Elisabeth Donati
Accumulations vs. Creativization by Elisabeth Donati
To a Life of Passion and Beyond by Elisabeth Donati
The Three Types of People and the Role They Play in Our Lives by Scott Lifer
Fear of the Unknown Can Paralize You From New Opportunity by Scott Lifer
Financial Education Articles for Women
Statistics Indicate Women are Poorer in Retirement by Laura and Kent Irwin
12 Great Financial Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms by Laura D. Irwin
The 5 Top Mistakes Women Make With Money by Stephanie J. Hale
Financial Literacy Articles for Kids/Teens
Expert Interview with Elisabeth Donati on Giving Kids a Financial Education by Elisabeth Donati
Money Games for Kids by Elisabeth Donati
Roth IRAs for Minors
Financial Literacy Articles for Teachers
Top Ten Ways to Make Financial Education Fun by Elisabeth Donati
Using accelerated learning techniques that make kids WANT to learn
History of Accelerated Learning
Financial Literacy Statistics to Ponder from Misc. Sources
Making the Case for Financial Literacy from Misc. Sources
Miscellaneous Financial Literacy Articles
Why Johnny Can’t Save For Retirement Fortune Magazine 2005