Welcome to Creative Wealth’s Ambassador Program

Creative Wealth Ambassador

Do you have a passion for financial education?

Do you get what we call “goose pimples” when you know you’ve just done something good for someone?

We do, too! It’s why we created this principle…

helping othersLet me get right to the point…

Imagine wanting to change the way kids and teens learn about money in the world but you realize that in order to accomplish your monumental goal, you must have help from other like-minded people. This is where you come in.

We created the Ambassador Team Program because…


Here are a few questions to help you determine if you’re a good fit for the program:

  • Do you have a passion for Financial Literacy Education?
  • Do you love watching kids, teens and adults learn the lessons that most of us adults never learned?
  • Do you want to help Creative Wealth put effective, fun and powerful financial education all over the US and world?
  • Do you know your community, able to help find great locations, round up local volunteers for marketing help and assistance during camps, help secure scholarship funds, promote camps, connect with local media, etc.?
  • Do you have leadership skills in order to help recruit, train, motivate, direct and celebrate with your band of merry volunteers?
  • Would you like to be rewarded for your time with a thank you check from each camp you help with?
  • Do you want to learn how to put on your own camps and perhaps license your area for the following year?
  • Would you enjoy being coached by the best instructors at Creative Wealth?
  • Would you like to be recognized as the Financial Literacy Representative in the area? You’ll become the financial literacy expert people call in your area. You’ll be featured on the CWI website as one of our highly valued Ambassadors.
  • Leave a legacy of setting up a generation of kids to be financially savvy?

You can literally be the link or bridge for kids and teens from an unconscious way of being with money which was handed down to them from their families and society to being adults with a financial self-awareness that allows him/her to deliberately create their lives the way they want to, which includes being a huge contribution to the world.

No one is loved and appreciated and remembered more than a teacher who changes a child’s life.

Participate in Creative Wealth’s mission to take kids from the hardships that they are being indoctrinated into filled with stress, debt, pressure from creditors, and lack of freedom (predictable quagmire) to a life where these children grow into the type of people who deliberately and powerfully call the shots in their lives, i.e., win their own personal money game.

So…if you like to have fun, like to work with kids/teens, like to be part of something bigger, like to spread an amazing message…then we want you!

Here’s a list of tasks that may or may not be on your ‘task list’ as an Ambassador:

  • Enough time to help us put together camps in your area which includes…
  • Set dates of location programs
  • Find the perfect location
  • Find media marketing sources (camp guides, radio interviews, newspapers articles)
  • Pass out flyers to local schools, parent groups
  • Find online ways to market
  • Post on all personal social media pages
  • List on Craigslist, Facebook, and other local camp/activity listings
  • Enlist the help of local PTAs, perhaps giving short presentations (yes, we help you with this!)
  • Find local sources of scholarship funds and marketing sponsorships.
  • Put together and lead their team of volunteers to help with marketing and camps (6-8)
  • Help set up local field trips for camps when appropriate
  • Help set up camp on the first morning of camp
  • Receive expert coaching during camp if desired
  • Be acknowledged during camp for all your dedication and hard work.
  • Find speakers for each camp (4 total)
  • Weekly Ambassador calls with Silvia for support and next steps

If this is you, please send us an e-mail at info@creativewealthintl.org. We’ll be in touch quickly to set up your Ambassador interview. We can’t wait to hear from you!