Financial Literacy Accelerated Learning Training Videos

Do you teach financial literacy and struggle with keeping your students engaged, having a good time and even notice that they aren’t retaining this important information so they can use it in their lives now and into their futures?

Don’t feel bad…you are not alone…and…it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

The majority of financial literacy curriculums developed by financial institutions and nonprofits are boring; they involve giving (preaching) the students information and then having them fill out boring worksheets.

I’m going to tell you what you probably already know…this method doesn’t work! This is also probably why you went looking for something different and effective. I’m so glad you did!

Accelerated Learning Techniques make any financial education program fun and effective.accelerated learning videos Accelerated Learning for Financial Literacy Education.

The only way that kids, teens and adults really LEARN about money is by PRACTICING using money the right way and that’s where The Money Game® comes in.

But let’s say you don’t have access to Camp Millionaire or The Money Game (YET) and have to use one of the free financial education curriculums out there.

We have great news…you can use our Accelerated Learning techniques to turn ANY financial education curriculum into a curriculum that kids and adults enjoy and remember.

Our Accelerated Learning Teaching Techniques Video include the following thirteen (13) accelerated learning techniques. You will learn how to turn any financial literacy curriculum into a much more effective program for both your students.

  • VAK: Teaching to all three learning styles…visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
  • Enrolling Questions: How to engage your students from the beginning and keep them engaged to the end.
  • Ask Don’t Tell: Stop preaching and start teaching. Ask questions instead of telling them everything.
  • Celebrations: When was the last time YOU had fun learning?
  • Context vs. Content: How to create an environment that makes any education sticky.
  • Flip charts: Yes, get rid of the fancy electronic gadgets (including Powerpoint) and go back to what really works.
  • Call-backs, suggestology and fill in the ______: Learn how to get your students to tell you what they’re learning.
  • State Changes: We all know that if they LOOK bored, they ARE bored. Learn how to change this instantaneously.
  • Experience before content: The way we were taught to teach was the incorrect way for most people to learn. If you tell them what you’re going to teach them and they don’t want to learn that, you’ve lost them. Learn this amazing philosophy to keep them guessing and having fun while they learn.
  • Music: This one aspect of teaching alone changes any learning environment from drab to dramatic.
  • Rituals: Creating an expectation of fun and what’s coming next helps students settle in quickly and start learning immediately.

If you’re ready to kick start your financial literacy education program with some knock your socks off accelerated teaching techniques, this is just the ticket.

And if you don’t believe me, read what one 13 year old boy said at the end of one of Camp Millionaire programs recently…

“Elisabeth, why can’t all teachers teach like you guys?” This young man made my day. And these techniques can make yours.

Order today and start making a powerful impact!

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